Cardalonia Metaverse $LONIA Tokens And Marketplace Guide !

Cardalonia Tokenomics & Everything About $ LONIA Tokens

Searching for Cardalonia Metaverse Project reviews? Interested in buying $LONIA Tokens?. With NFTs continuing to rise, new and improved Metaverses are being launched every month to help users connect with each other. Cardalonia Marketplace is gaining popularity over the past few months due to the high-quality art, great utility, dedicated team, and several other features.

But before starting with Cardalonia, it is vital to know what the project is all about, clans, marketplace, tokenomics, roadmap, utility, how to buy Cardalonia tokens, and much more. Therefore, in today’s Cardalonia Metaverse review, we will have a close look at these questions and reveal how Cardalonia will be a popular vital world of tomorrow. 

Cardalonia Metaverse: All About Cardalonia Web3 Play To Earn Game Explained. 

Cardalonia Metaverse Cardalonia Web 3 Play To Earn Game

In the Cardalonia gameplay, all players will belong to a clan, and each clan will be granted a resource bonus including:

  • Diamonds: Only the OGs can assign these bonuses as easter eggs within the game. 
  • Gold: Resource for royals
  • Silver: Lords plus knights hold an abundance of Silver.
  • Wood and Food: For peasants to complete treasure hunts. 

Also, Cardalonia players can then decide if they like to hold or sell the resources on the marketplace in the Cardalonia gameplay. Also, the tokens play a more role in repairs, power-up, or the creation of new tools.

Cardalonia NFT Marketplace 

Cardalonia NFT Marketplace will offer a fully streamlined and top-class marketplace for players to trade as well as list Cardalonia-based collectibles. Currently, under development, the Cardalonia Marketplace will allow users to acquire land, trade the Avatars, obtain power-ups or buy gems. 

Cardalonia NFT Marketplace Features:

  • Immersive and Engaging Experiences: Cardalonia Marketplace will develop into a Metaverse that is fully community-owned and offers a robust platform to interact with others using virtual characters.
  • Decentralization: All the Cardalonia NFTs (in-game assets) ownership will get permanently stored on Cardano.
  • Governance: Users with $Lonia Token can participate in the governance decisions plus form proposals or Vote for key elements in the ecosystem.
  • $Lonia token utility: Buy in-Game collectibles, land, and even stake $the tokens to earn more.
  • Land: Acquire Land with the tokens to deploy your Assets or Avatar on the Land.

Cardalonia Project RoadMap 

The team of Cardalonia Metavere Marketplace has planned for the future and created a robust roadmap till Q3 of 2023. 

After recruiting the team in Q1, 2022, the Cardalonia Metavere team will begin partnerships, focus on community building and develop marketing campaigns in the Q2 of 2022.

Also, $Lonia Token gets introduced with Staking options, and players will be able to exchange listings in Q3 of 2022. Moreover, token holders can take part in Land Plots Pre-Sale and Cardalonia partnership with other projects.

All of this will help create a strong base for future development and help expand the Metaverse. Furthermore, the public can also mint the land, and $Lonia Land Holders can start claiming airdrops in Q4 of 2022.

For 2023, the team has planned an exclusive game, land rent option, launch of Cardalonia NFTs, different Avatars along with in-game collections. Also, there will be a play-to-earn Multiplayer Combat mode and DAO Governance plus a voting mechanism to be added. 

Cardalonia Clans NFTs? What Are They All About? 

Cardalonia Clans What Are They All About

The Clans NFTs in Cardalonia are divided initially into 4 different categories called:

  • The OGs: Also called “The Originals”, the OGs are the first aliens who found the Cardalonia world. Only 4 OG exist and can be minted in every blue moon (73 Epoch).
  • The Royals: These are direct descendants of the OGs. Moreover, they contain unique along with super rare traits plus attributes. Only 2000 Royals can be minted and exist on a Cardalonia Land of 500×500 Parcel.
  • Lords and Knights: This clan offers impressive multiplayer power and can be bred to obtain a warrior or a knight. These are more common when compared to Royals and have a total supply of 62,000.
  • Peasants: These are inhabitants of Cardanlonia and have limited abilities. Moreover, they can be utilized for finding treasure, getting rewards, completing quests, and more. 227,000 will be the total supply of Peasants in the Cardalonia world. 

Cardalonia World Map  

Currently, the Cardalonia Metaverse map is under development and will be released soon. There will be about 100,000 plots of land in the entire Cardalonia Metaverse. Furthermore, the Cardalonia land comes in different attributes in terms of size and lets players build their own metaverse. 

The Cardalonia Team 

The Cardalonia Team 

The development team of the Cardalonia Metaverse is focused on the philosophy of offering an open as well as a non-custodial platform with play-to-earn options.

Moreover, the team contains multiple community moderators, developers plus advisory partners to deliver the best in-game experiences to players.

The team is doxxed with Alice Sand, Vasil Air, and Dunstan Water as the Co-Founder/CEO, CTO, and full-stack developer, respectively. There is also a management team plus an advisory team with accounts linked on the official website for users to check.

Get in touch with the team, and ask any questions you may have on their official discord and telegram channel. 

Cardalonia Tokenomics & Everything About $ LONIA Tokens

Cardalonia Tokenomics & Everything About $ LONIA Tokens

$LONIA Tokenomics And Distribution

$LONIA is the token used for running the Cardalonia ecosystem. Moreover, there will be 10,00,00,000 tokens that will get distributed among:

Public: About 50% (50,000,000) of $Lonia Cardalonia tokens will be made available to purchase by early adopters for minting a Land. Furthermore, there will be 3 rounds of sale:​

  • Seed Sale: 15,000,000 $LONIA Cardalonia tokens with a price of 1 ADA per 14 LONIA. Also, the min buy is 500 ADA, and the max limit is 20000 ADA.
  • Pre-Sale: 25,000,000 $LONIA with a Cardalonia token price of 1 ADA for 12 LONIA. Also, the min and max limit is 200 ADA and 10000 ADA, respectively. 
  • Public Sale: 10,000,000 $LONIA with a Cardalonia token price of 11 LONIA for 1 ADA. Also, 100 ADA and 5000 ADA are the min and max buy limit.
  1. Staking: About 20% (20,000,000) of $LONIA Cardalonia tokens will be stored and distributed within 3 years’ time. 
  2. Team: 10% (10,000,000) of $LONIA will get locked for the treasury of the Cardalonia team. Furthermore, 35% of the tokens of the team will be utilized for in-game events and promotions along with partnership incentives.
  3. Advisors: 4% (4,000,000) tokens will get allocated to the advisors.
  4. Liquidity: 8.5% ( 8,500,000 $LONIA ) will be reserved for liquidity options or exchange integrations.
  5. Marketing: 6,000,000 tokens will get utilized to market the Cardalonia project.
  6. Airdrops: Lastly, the reserved 1,500,000 Lonia tokens will get Airdropped to early users.

Price Prediction Of Cardalonia Token 

As of April 2022, the Cardalonia token price ranges between 14 LONIA to 11 LONIA for 1 ADA based on when (public or presale) the user purchases them. The game offers a unique mechanic, contains high-quality NFTs, and offers Land to promote active engagement.

Only 100,000 plots of land can be purchased by users, making LONIA token a valuable asset to hold. Upon executing Cardalonia’s roadmap, the price of the token will also rise exponentially due to the added NFTs and other in-game collectibles. 

$LONIA Token Seed Sale Info

The first Seed Sale of $LONIA TOKEN has started and ends at the end of MAY with a sale duration of 6 EPOCHS. Moreover, as of 23 April 2022, about 52,000 have already been raised on the official website. 

How And Where To Buy Cardalonia LONIA Tokens?

Step 1: For users thinking about Where to buy $lonia tokens, first head to the Cardalonia Metaverse official website, then click BUY $LONIA TOKEN from the top right corner. 

BUY $LONIA TOKEN from the top right corner

Step 2: The next page will display all the information about the Lonia Tokens sale.

Information About Lonia Tokens Sale

Step 3: Next, click Buy $Lonia Tokens, and the Address plus QR will be displayed. 


Step 4: Copy the given code and send ADA to this address. The Tokens will get added to the wallet as soon as the transaction is confirmed.

To keep up with their latest developments follow them on Cardalonia’s official Twitter page. To know more about the Cardalonia metaverse and to buy Cardalonia tokens, visit the Cardalonia official website. 


Cardalonia metaverse is an engaging and fun virtual world where users can acquire virtual 3D NFT avatars, land, and take part in the events to earn rewards. Moreover, the project has robust tokenomics, premium-quality NFTs, a dedicated marketplace for trading, and a set roadmap along with a world-class team that is constantly improving the platform. 

With a robust team aiming to create an integrated ecosystem, an expansive roadmap, an exciting metaverse, and gameplay to be launched, we can expect Cardalonia to reach new heights of success in the coming months and years. This is one of the rare gems that is going places in the NFT and metaverse space! 

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