Code Crow Platform Review: Everything On CodeCrow Stream To Earn

Code Crow Review What Exactly Is The Platform For

Powered by Solana, Code Crow Platform boasts of being the first platform for Stream-to-Earn gaming that provides Defi analysis along with software development. The app will soon be available at Google and Apple stores and will reward the players with $RCR or Recursion tokens. Moreover, the platform includes a staking option and lets holders stake $RCR or the Access Key NFTs for improved returns daily. 

Famous platforms such as Twitch or Microsoft Teams established dominance over the streaming services market. Luckily, Code Crow is among the first stream-to-earn platforms that aim to break the monopoly and provide users with a much better and more profitable streaming experience. Today’s Code Crow review will explain the features, tokenomics, and revenue generation potential of the CodeCrow Project. 

Code Crow Platform Review: Everything On CodeCrow Stream To Earn Platform.

Code Crow Review & Everything On CodeCrow Streaming Platform

Code Crow offers a Solana-based live-streaming option to enable users to generate revenue using the services plus rewards its most supportive users. Also, Code Crow can support about a million users in a single live stream plus even permits them to connect with the stream host or with other viewers. 

The CodeCrow company has a set roadmap, dedicated team, and built-in Code Crow tokenomics. Furthermore, Code Crow’s web plus mobile platform will be open-source as well as decentralized to allow everyone to take part in the ecosystem. 

Code Crow aims to create a platform where streamers can build a staunch community and eliminates all the technical plus financial obstacles. Much like Twitch, Code Crow also focuses on always remaining free to use plus an open-source platform that follows all the key web3 principles. 

Furthermore, the integration with the Solana ecosystem promotes excellent stability, robust security, and fast speed that will help the users get a premium experience of acquiring or selling tokens or NFT-related elements.

 Code Crow even has tie-ups with different programs to make certain the internal processes work efficiently. Startup programs such as MongoDB, AWS Activate, and Twilio will help categorize bulk datasets, scale the application to different regions and decrease latency during live streams, respectively. 

Also, the partnership of CodeCrow with Scrimba will offer users a huge discount of 40% on classes for studying software development.

Code Crow Platform Features : 

Code Crow Platform Features

Code Crow Platform provides a wide range of options for users and streaming hosts to generate revenue, record plus share videos and other features. Let’s understand them one by one from this CodeCrow Platform review:

Revenue Generating Models: Code Crow NFT Access Keys 

Code Crow App is a stream-to-earn platform that will reward the users who will get the official NFT (Access Keys). The platform is decentralized and provides users with the option to collect monthly revenue by:

  • Streaming options: The users can take part in the Code Crow tokenomics and receive $RCR tokens for streaming live. Moreover, the rate is not fixed and will depend on the Access Key(NFT) connected with the user’s account.
  • Staking options: Users have the ability to stake the Code Crow Access Keys NFT as well as the $RCR tokens to get rewarded with additional $RCR tokens.
  • Sharing the profits: As Code Crow is decentralized, about 20% of the majority of in-app revenue will go inside a fund, plus will get split among all the NFT (Access Key) holders on a month-to-month basis.
  • Code Crow Airdrops: The native $RCR tokens will be airdropped among the active users who stream along with all the CodeCrow NFT holders.
  • Community Funding: About 20% of royalties will get transferred within a fund created for spreading knowledge, community development sessions, and other educational aspects.
  • Tipping Method: Users can send or receive tips from other users when a live stream is running.

Solana Powered Code Crow Web3 Gaming Integration!

Code Crow has successfully integrated with the reliable and popular Phantom wallet to help users link their Solana accounts. All the transactions conducted in Code Crow will be performed on the Solana blockchain. The users can purchase the dedicated Access Key NFT, store it in their phantom wallets and connect it with Code Crow to start their journey.

Share Screens With Millions Simultaneously!

Code Crow App lets the host gather up to 1 million users on his/her stream and for taking part in the live plus interactive sessions. Users can engage using text, gifs, audio, webcam, or even take part by streaming their own screen with the host. 

On the other hand, a host has the power to silence, remove, as well as ban a user that is making trouble during the live stream or his community.

Code Crow Video Recording, Library

Code Crow has a set roadmap and the team will begin integrating recording options of live streams in phase 4. The recordings will be connected with a secure video library to enable users to share recorded clips with their community members. It will be a platform where other users can comment, reply, like, or text on the host’s recorded videos. 

Moreover, the Video responses element provides a ton of advantages such as the power to establish a competitive gaming scenario or respond to user questions. 

Code Crow Roadmap Analysis : 

Code Crow Review What Exactly Is The Platform For

The CodeCrow project has Five Phases.

Phase 1

  • The CodeCrow project beings are building a staunch community
  • The team will also announce major Partnerships with names such as:
  1. NFTCalendar
  2. Scrimba
  3. Twilio Startups 
  4. AWS Activate
  5. MongoDB for Startups
  6. and more

Phase 2

  • The second phase beings with minting the Code Crow Gen O Access Keys
  • Also, about 202 Code Crow Access Keys NFT will be stored within the community wallet.
  • About 20% of royalties are transferred inside a fund for community development.
  • Changing the limit of just 50 viewers/users per host to 1-million users in every channel 
  • Adding profiles to help users set up their brand.

Phase 3

  • The Access Key holder’s benefits will be integrated
  • The native token currency $RCR will get added
  • Airdropping $RCR tokens to a selected bunch of streamers along with the Code Crow Access Keys NFT holders.
  • About 20% of all the profits from the app will be sent to the central fund plus distributed among the Code Crow NFTs holders.
  • $RCR tokens get backed by Code Crow Solana liquidity pool and can now be tradable on different DEX. The tokens will then be utilized for 
  1. Staking for earning rewards
  2. Buying merch from the Code Crow upcoming market
  3.  Tipping live-streamers
  • At the end of phase 2, the mobile app development process will begin. 

Phase 4

  • The video recording feature, library function, and responses get integrated into phase 4.
  • The holders will start getting invited on the iOS and Android app

Phase 5

  • The Code Crow Roadmap phase 5 starts with smart-tv application development
  • Making Generation 1 Access Keys
  • Storing Access Keys within the community wallet

Code Crow Current Partners 

Code Crow Roadmap To Success

Code Crow has tied up with several startup programs to streamline different processes. The service partners will help create a much bigger and more influential effect on the Code Crow Web3 Gaming community. The partners of Code Crow include:

  • Scrimba: For discounts granted to our users
  • MongoDB: Support for efficient database 
  • AWS Activate: Support for hosting plus scaling the platform 
  • Twilio Startups: Support for live streaming

Code Crow Tokenomics

As per the CodeCrow website, the max supply of the $RCR Code Crow tokens will be about 2,000,000,000. But what will the $RCR token be used for? It offers a means to conduct transactions on the Code Crow platform and helps users begin their revenue-generating opportunities.

Also, the Code Crow tokens will get distributed among different elements such as stalking, Code Crow airdrops, royalties, stream-to-earn, and others. Furthermore, some profits will be stored in the funds and split among the holders.

Staking Code Crow With Acces Keys 

Users can stake about 4 Access Keys and gain $RCR tokens regularly. Moreover, users can stake unlimited $RCR Code Crow tokens and utilize their phantom wallets to withdraw tokens.

Access Key levels

There are 4 levels of access key that offer different rewards

  1. Level 1: Token rewards increased by 20%.
  2. Level 2: Token rewards increased by 30%.
  3. Level 3: Token rewards increased by 40%.
  4. Level 4: Token rewards increased by 50%.

Code Crow Stream-To-Earn 

The Code Crow algorithm sets a rate that changes with the market and will reward hosts for live quality streaming. Moreover, all the staked Access Keys get added to the token reward system while streaming.

Furthermore, the algorithm adjusts the percentage of token rewards as more people will enter the pool. Therefore, early birds will be able to get more benefits off the platform. Furthermore, the Access Keys staked will help reap all the benefits and will be kept in the Code Crow system for protection against duplication or hacks. 

Any user found exploiting the Code Crow’s system results in a permanent ban plus all pending earnings will get revoked.

DEX (DexLabs)

Backed by the Code Crow Solana liquidity pool, Code Crow users will have the power to trade tokens on a DEX. 10% mint revenue of Code Crow Gen O Access Keys plus a percent of royalties will be kept for the liquidity pool. Also, the top 10% of token holders will receive whale emoji on the PFP. 

Is Code Crow Platform Safe?

The Code Crow team is doxxed via Magic Eden. Moreover, the team members know each other for a long time and have similar future goals. Also, the team contains 3 core members along with 10 UI/UX as well as software development outsourced contractors.

The platform has partnered with different programs to help adopt the best safety measures plus to facilitate utmost security and protection of assets. The Code Crow Defi analysis will help facilitate fair trading and provide the power to the holders. 

Moreover, Code crow has received positive reviews and good engagements for its project on

Code Crow: The Streaming Platform Of The Future!

In the blockchain, the platforms that arrive first have displayed a tremendous rise within a few months. The Code Crow Dapp is the first blockchain-based streaming platform that will enable the hosts and the users to earn profits. 

The Code Crow Defi includes different rewarding methods, has good partnerships, offers mobile apps, and comes with all the features plus more you can expect from a streaming service. With gaming shifting to a P2E industry, now Crow Web3 Gaming services are set to see a major shift in terms of users, communities, and earnings. 

Also, follow Code Crow’s Twitter and discord to know more about the upcoming Code Crow NFT price

Note: Please ensure you only follow and enter the official code crow website due to the growing number of phishing and scam websites. 

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