Recently, Microsoft users across the globe are experiencing sudden Outlook crashes. The client freezes when they try to access an email with complex built-in tables, for example, expense reports, Uber receipts, etc. The crash occurs if someone tries to forward or reply to an email with tables.

It mainly concerns people who depend heavily on Uber for business travel. Some users have noted the strong glitch impacting other applications like Word: the application stops responding when the user inserts a complex table.

Why Is Outlook Crashing?

Microsoft Outlook Crashing Lately? Here Is How To Fix It.

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Microsoft Outlook was well aware of the issue after the first reported crash. After assessing the situation, it has revealed its possible reason.

According to the corporation, Outlook is crashing because of a formatting bug. It first came to notice in the standard Outlook releases, affecting regular Microsoft 365 users and the users of beta and Current Channel Preview versions.

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It Is Not The First Bug For Outlook

However, despite positive news, such as an improved adoption rate of its Windows 11 operating system and Edge browser, this development could not come at a worse time for Microsoft. This year, the company had to rush to contain several bugs.

For example, in January and July, Microsoft users experienced search glitches. Also, this week, there have been reports of unwanted security notifications regarding Outlook sign-on in the inbox.

Which Outlook Crashing Builds Are More Susceptible to Crash?

Specifically, Outlook users with Build 15330.20196 and Current Channel Version 2206 are most likely to experience the crash. However, users with the older version of Outlook clients are relatively safe and have not encountered such a problem.

Are Solutions Available Yet For Fixing Outlook Crashing?

A new patch to counter the problem is already in the works and expected to go live on August 9th, next Tuesday. Till then, users may use a few workarounds that Microsoft has informed to keep future crashes at bay.

How To Avoid The Outlook Crash – Step By Step Guide

In their recent support document, Microsoft informs that they have fixed the issue in Current Channel Version 2207, Build 15427.20194. Users should install the update from Outlook by following this instruction path:

File > Office Account > Update Options > Update Now

However, it is highly recommended that users downgrade their Outlook client for the time being to avoid sudden crashes. As the bugs cannot impact older versions, users can get a temporary break from the repetitive crashes and access their essential emails or pending tasks.

Follow these simple steps one by one to apply the workaround:

1) The user must first click the Start button to open the Command Prompt. Then, he should enter ‘cmd’ into the search bar. Once the Command Prompt app pops up, the user should select Run as administrator.

How To Avoid The Outlook Crash - Step By Step Guide

2) Then, the user should enter these two commands below:

  • cd %programfiles%Common FilesMicrosoft SharedClickToRun
  • officec2rclient.exe /update user updatetoversion=16.0.15225.20288

3) The user should hit the Enter key after executing the commands. After copying and pasting the two commands above into the appropriate space of the command prompt, the user should find this screen below:

How To Avoid The Outlook Crash - Step By Step Guide 2

4) After this step, the user should hit the Enter key twice. It should fix the problem for the time being.

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