Kaminario Releases New 'Hybrid' SSD Appliances

By Stuart J. Johnston

Kaminario announced new additions to its K2 line of solid-state disk (SSD) SAN storage appliances on Monday that let users mix and match between DRAM and Flash memory.

The Newton, Mass.-based company claims that its newest K2 devices are the first "hybrid" appliances to come to market that can use either DRAM or Flash, or a combination of the two, for SSD storage media.

"With the introduction of the new K2 family of all solid-state SAN storage, customers can now choose, in a single storage array, the best solution for their particular application workload and budgetary needs," Dani Golan, CEO of Kaminario, said in a statement.

Kaminario's K2-H provides a hybrid device that uses a mixture of DRAM and Flash media in order to optimize mixed read and write workloads -- DRAM for write-intensive, latency-sensitive data, and Flash for read-intensive data.

For instance, the K2-H supports a range of application types or varying needs of individual files within a single application's multiple processes, such as database temp files and redo logs, Kaminario's statement said.

The K2-D is a DRAM-only device designed for write-intensive and latency-sensitive random workloads such as high-end online transaction processing (OLTP) and DBMS applications that require high-performance storage solutions.

Meanwhile, Kaminario's K2-F uses Flash memory from Fusion-io to handle predictable read-intensive workloads such as analytics, data warehousing and certain types of DBMS applications, the company said.

Fusion-io ioMemory Flash technology is also being incorporated into the models that support Flash as part of Kaminario's Scale-out Storage Performance Architecture (SPEAR) storage operating system which runs on off-the-shelf blade servers. Kaminario also uses Fusion-io's ioDrive Duo as a memory accelerator.

All of the K2 models come with Kaminario's self-healing high availability technology and start at $30 per gigabyte. They are available now.

"The new Kaminario K2 solutions maximize productivity by increasing the performance of high-I/O and latency sensitive applications at less than the cost of legacy SAN storage," the statement said.

Stuart J. Johnston is a contributing editor at InternetNews.com, the news service of Internet.com, the network for technology professionals. Follow him on Twitter @stuartj1000.

This article was originally published on September 14, 2011