Taneja Group Lab Review: NetApp SAN Efficiency

By Jeff Boles

In the trenches of storage “practitioning,” we often discuss concepts like value or efficiency, but fail to put real meat on the bones around what those terms mean.  Too often those terms revolve around a loose collection of cobbled together features or tools that might make performing a given task particularly easy, but might simultaneously mean a system is inefficient in 10 other ways.  Yet these ephemeral terms like efficiency and value keep gaining steam.

One vendor that constantly beats the efficiency drum is NetApp.  With the term efficiency on center stage and an overload of vendor back-and-forth in the blogosphere background, the focus can too easily become fixed on single dimensions of various technologies, and it is easy to lose the thread of what efficiency is about.  Is it capacity optimization?  It is vCenter integration?  Is it I/O density?  It is in fact about more than any one of those things, and even about more than all of those things put together.

So with NetApp’s claims to be the champion of storage efficiency, we took to the test lab with our hands-on testing “Technology Validation” service to see if NetApp does indeed see and deliver on a bigger picture vision of storage efficiency -- one that is about more than just individual capabilities like capacity optimization and high performance.  Does NetApp indeed have a storage foundation that can deliver a set of integrated services that add up to end to end efficiency?  You can find our take in the report abstract here or access the full report here.

This article was originally published on May 13, 2011