Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms worldwide, with over 500 million daily viewers. Posting and viewing Instagram stories have become ingrained in people’s everyday lives.

Stories are short videos of 15 seconds that your followers can see for the next 24 hours. Instagram stories have gained massive popularity in recent years, and there are several reasons you might want to watch others’ Instagram stories anonymously. However, how do you secretly watch someone’s story on Instagram?

As Instagram doesn’t allow its users to watch the stories anonymously, there are several online software that helps you see Instagram stories anonymously. We call them anonymous Instagram viewers. 

This guide will look at the ten best free anonymous Instagram story viewers you can use in 2023 to watch unidentified stories.

Top 10 Anonymous Instagram Story Viewers In 2023 Overview 

The rationale behind selecting the anonymous Instagram story viewers is that they provide an easy-to-use interface and Browser Plugin feature with the option of saving the stories and photos offline. Moreover, they also allow users to access private profiles without fear of viruses and malware safely.

Now let’s look into the detailed analysis of why we think the following list is the popular Anonymous Instagram Story Viewers.

1) Glassagram – Best Secure Instagram Viewer To Look Through Any Account

Glassagram Free Anonymous Instagram Story Viewers

Perhaps the best in the list, Glassgram is an online Instagram profile story viewer that allows you to securely scan every account with all the vital information about the profile. It also has an app that helps you watch anyone’s story and profile anonymously.

The installation and sign-up process are straightforward, and it takes only one minute to start the app. Moreover, it allows its users to receive real-time updates with the latest data report every 5 minutes. Therefore, you cannot miss out on any single detail. Most importantly, Glassgram provides all these features at a very reasonable price, which is even half the price of similar products in the market. 

Glassgram also allowed its users to see direct messages and deleted stories along with IGTV, likes, comments, and news feeds. 

Visit The Website Here:  Glassagram

2) eyeZy – Instant Anonymous Instagram Tracker

eyeZy Free Anonymous Instagram Story Viewers

Best known for delivering instantaneous information, EyeZy is an anonymous Instagram viewer that helps users to track all information about users. Including their secret messages and pictures sent or received on a private chat with the exact time and date, helping you make an informed decision. EyeZy is a simple-to-use platform providing 24/7 customer support if you need any help. 

 And to get started, follow the three simple steps mentioned below: 

  1. Create your account on the EyeZy website in just one step and select the membership plan.
  2. Install the EyeZy app with the help of their installer. 
  3. Login to your EyeZy dashboard, and Voila! You can easily watch the information you need anonymously from Instagram. 

Visit The Website Here: eyeZy

3) Inflact – Free Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer

Inflact Free Anonymous Instagram Story Viewers

The best choice for marketers, Inflact, is not just an anonymous Instagram story viewer but also a digital marketing tool. With its wide variety of tools, Inflact can help you research and analyze your target clients. You can use Inflact to narrow your target audience and increase your engagement rate. Moreover, it also enables you to find the best time and AI-generated hashtags while posting on Instagram.

They also provide 24/7 customer support and a chatbot to resolve any issues your clients face at any time quickly. Users can download and save photos and stories from their private profiles. 

Visit The Website Here:  Inflact

4) uMobix

uMobix Free Anonymous Instagram Story Viewers

Looking for a platform to look into other people’s Instagram profiles and stories with whom you are not even connected? With more than 3 million users worldwide, Umobix is one of the most reliable software that helps you sneak into others’ private profiles and stories. It provides you with full access to the account along with real-time data of private messages. The vital data is updated every five minutes, and the screenshot is sent every second.

Moreover, Umobix is the only platform you can download without rooting your mobile phone. You need to choose the subscription plan and then install the mobile app. You can easily set up the Umobix with the help of a 2 step process.

Visit The Website Here: uMobix

5) mSpy

mSpy Free Anonymous Instagram Story Viewers

mSpy allows you to access Instagram stories, private profiles, pictures, and private messages. Mspy can track several apps from different phones easily. Users needn’t be on others’ friend lists to see their messages. Moreover, Mspy provides you with 24/7 customer support. 

mSpy takes special cognizance of its users’ privacy and ensures their data remains secure. Apart from these features, Mspy allows you to track location, text messages, and incoming and outgoing calls with their duration and blocks certain web pages and apps. Most interestingly, they allow us to hide the app icon on our phones. Their pricing starts at $48.99/per month. 

Visit The Website Here: mSpy

6) Qoob Stories

Qoob Stories Free Anonymous Instagram Story Viewers

Look out for Qoob stories if you want to download Instagram content, including locations and hashtags directly. They allow users to anonymously view and download any post uploaded on Instagram, including photos, videos, and stories, without leaving any trace in the story viewers list. 

 Qoob stories have also automated the process for those looking for bulk downloads. Moreover, they also allow users to back up their entire Instagram accounts. You can also check both public and private Instagram accounts quickly.

Most importantly, they provide all these features at very affordable pricing compared to other players in the market. The starter pack is free of cost, whereas advanced features are accessible at $7/month for a personal profile and $25/month for a professional profile. 

Visit The Website Here: Qoob Stories

7) Storistalker

Storistalker Free Anonymous Instagram Story Viewers

You might be thinking- How can I watch a story anonymously? Storistalker covers you with fully anonymous and safe software that allows you to see others’ stories, profiles, likes, comments, posts, and subscriptions anonymously. They store all the information so you can access it even after it is deleted. Therefore, you can see others’ profiles without giving your Instagram id and password.  

Moreover, Instagram viewer and stories features are free; you don’t need to register to access them. You can opt for Storistalker for its 100% accuracy at affordable pricing.

Visit The Website Here: Storistalker

8) Instadp

You might want to download photos of the trip that your friend posted on Instagram at a high quality and anonymously. Instadp is a free app that allows users to view and download high-resolution photos and videos. Best known for its downloader tool, you can download full-size and best-quality profile pictures, photos, stories, videos, and reels. 

Instadp also allows you to browse public Instagram profiles anonymously. However, it does not allow users to access their private profiles. Moreover, you can download Instagram content and browse through profiles for free of cost without any hidden charges. The most intriguing part is its user-friendly and minimalistic interface, which helps users easily search for Instagram content from the software. 

Visit The Website Here: Instadp

9) Dumpor

Dumpor Free Anonymous Instagram Story Viewers

You might wonder, How can I watch someone’s Instagram story without them knowing? With whatever method, you will still find difficulty in viewing stories and private profiles anonymously. That’s why Dumpor gets you covered. With a sleek and smooth user interface, Dumpor allows its users to search for any Instagram profile by simply searching the username, relevant hashtag, or location relating to your search. You can also watch reels, followers, and tagged posts along with their profiles.

Moreover, you can get information relating to hashtags and locations by searching for the same. 

Dumpor also allows its users to download Instagram content for free. Nor do you need to register with them to access these features. 

With the help of its advanced features, marketers can use Dumpor to analyze and research their competitors’ profiles.

Visit The Website Here: Dumpor

10) Stories IG

Stories IG Free Anonymous Instagram Story Viewers

Last on the list is Stories IG. It allows users to easily watch Instagram profiles, stories and download content anonymously with its simple user interface. You are not required to install anything to use the software. Moreover, you can easily download photos, profile pictures, stories, and reels for free. Stories IG allows you to download Instagram stories of multiple users automatically.

You can access all the publicly available information of the Instagram user anonymously, including their photos, stories, reels, likes, comments, etc. However, the website is filled with many ads.

As the website is entirely free, you do not need to make any payment to use Stories IG.

Visit The Website Here: Stories IG

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What Is An Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer? 

An anonymous Instagram viewer is online software that allows you to see and save Instagram content, including stories, pictures, reels, and posts, anonymously. It can also help you see the private profiles and even messages of the Instagram handles with absolute anonymity. 

These Instagram viewers have various tools that let you access private and public Instagram profiles for personal and professional use for researching and analyzing the competitor’s Instagram account. 

How To Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously With An Online Anonymous Instagram Viewer?

The list mentioned above has a sleek user interface, allowing you to search for any Instagram handle in no time effortlessly. Following are the three simple steps that you need to follow to see the Instagram stories anonymously:

  1. Go to the website and enter your Instagram username in the search bar.
  2. Click on the Instagram profile you want to look out for.
  3. You can see and save the Instagram content as per your requirements. 

Is It Necessary To Have An Instagram Account To View Instagram Stories Anonymously? 

No. You don’t need an Instagram profile to view the stories anonymously. As you might have noticed in the list, several anonymous Instagram story viewers permit you to search for Instagram handles without registering your Instagram id or password for searching the same. However, this feature is unavailable to all anonymous Instagram story viewers. 

Are There Any Other Best Instagram Story Viewers In 2022 Apart From The Ones Mentioned Above? 

Still not satisfied with the list? You can use other best Instagram story viewers in 2022 apart from those mentioned above. To anonymously check out Instagram stories, you can check out Instastories, Anonymous Instagram, Hoverwatch, Smihub, and Storiesdown.

Although these Instagram viewers don’t have as many features as the above ones, all the viewers do provide accessibility to Instagram content with utmost anonymity. 

Why Use An Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer?

There can be several reasons you would want to use Anonymous Instagram viewers. You might want to check your children’s activity on Instagram or find out who is secretly talking to your loved ones. You may want to download your friends’ trip photos on their respective Instagram handles while maintaining anonymity.

Marketers also use their viewers to research and analyze the activities of their business competitors’ Instagram accounts.  

Wrapping Up

So this was a detailed analysis of the best Instagram story viewers in 2022, along with the steps on how you can properly use them.  

These Instagram Story viewers have several tools to help you see private and public profiles and all the Instagram content you might want to search for. These tools have a simple user interface that allows you to automate the entire process of seeing and downloading all the content anytime. 

Therefore, you can rest assured of anonymity and information with the help of these anonymous Instagram viewers. 

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