Facebook could soon allow you to have five different profiles under one account. As long as one profile is made up of your actual details, such as your real name. The new profiles may be unique with different usernames, and those names cannot include any numbers or special characters. You may also have a different friends list and news feeds per profile.

Facebook says that creating multiple profiles will be simple and quick. This should not be confused with creating multiple Facebook accounts, which is against Facebook’s terms and policies. A Facebook account is one thing, and a Facebook profile is quite another.

An account can exist without a profile, but a profile can’t without an account. Also, you’ll need your real details to create the former. But you won’t require those details to set up the latter. You can read more about Facebook accounts VS profiles on the company’s help center page.

Facebook is currently testing this option with a limited number of users in different countries, including the USA.

What Does Facebook Explain About The 5 Profiles Per Account

Facebook To Allow Up To Five Profiles In A Single Account

Image Source: Facebook.

When Techradar recently reached out to Meta regarding the matter, the company explained through its spokesperson that it was taking that direction to enable people to tailor their profiles based on interests and relationships.

We think Facebook has nailed it this time around. People will now have the option to tailor their profiles based on different things, including their relations and interests. This will better the overall experience for them. It will also ensure they don’t get bored of the social platform.

If you have three different kinds of social relations, you could have three profiles under one account so that you dedicate each one to a specific relation. That would be more convenient than creating three different Facebook accounts.

This strategic move by Meta could be one of the best moves it ever made in the face of fierce competition from TikTok and the rest. Not only will it allow users to organize their interests accordingly and improve the overall experience, but it will also enable Meta to reduce the number of fake accounts out there.

By the way, the bogus accounts issue is becoming a pain in the neck for big social media companies. It’s one of the reasons why Twitter lost the important deal to sell the company to Elon Musk.

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There Will Still Be Rules and Penalties

Though it sounds all good and liberating, users will still be subjected to certain terms and conditions with stiff penalties when violated. Facebook’s spokesperson quickly pointed out that the company will be very firm about its rules to make the platform a great experience for everyone.

He warned that violating the rules on one profile would automatically affect the other profiles since all profiles will be under one account. Offenses such as impersonation on just one profile may lead to a person having their entire account banned.

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