TikTok, the short video content app that took the world on a storm, could likely launch its music streaming app soon. Apart from its global success as a one-stop platform for people to showcase their talents, TikTok also became the prime source for music discovery for most. It is not a surprise that the app is a streaming app to keep its audience on the same platform by making selections easier.

In a report cited by Insider, TikTok parent ByteDance reportedly filed a trademark application with the US Trademark Office for “TikTok Music” in May this year. According to the filing, the source added that TikTok music would let its users play, share, purchase and download music. Users can also create, share and live stream audio and video through the app. The sources said they could comment on pieces, share their playlists, and do much more.

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TikTok Music” Trademarks Hints The TikTok Music App Launch.

In November last year, TikTok filed for a “TikTok Music” trademark in Australia.

TikTok’s parent app ByteDance already had launched a piece of music streaming app in India, Indonesia, and Brazil called ‘Resso.’ This app reportedly has some features listed in the filing application for ‘TikTok Music.’ On Russo, users can share songs, create playlists and interact.

Currently, Resso has over 40 million monthly users in the three countries. Considering the less time the app spent in the market, critics say that the app is doing very well. An Insider report also stated earlier this year that Russo’s active users increased 304% between January 2021 to January 2022 in India, despite being banned in the country. Russo’s key competitor Spotify has only reported a 38% growth during this period.

ByteDance also currently is experienced in shifting its audience from TikTok to Resso. In Brazil, there is an option on the user interface to switch from TikTok to Resso to help users listen to the entire song they find a remix. It cuts down the ‘search’ time and increases the counter audience among the two apps.

TikTok’s popularity and global dominance in the short-video market made many other platforms change their interface to fit the current global model. Instagram launched ‘Reels’ in 2020, another copy of TikTok’s short video interface. This form leaped significant markets like India, where TikTok isn’t accessible. YouTube, too, is promoting its ‘YouTube Shorts’ section rigorously to keep up with the length of the video content.

Spotify and Apple Music rank lower when compared to TikTok in the popularity contest. Since Tiktok users would find it more convenient to switch to TikTok Music. If podcast content is added to the music on the TikTok music app, the competitors will have to brace up harder.


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