10 Storage Experts You Need to Follow

By Jessica Vartabedian

6. Greg Ness, @Archimedius, blogs about everything from virtualization to security and more. If you look at his most recent posts, you’ll find he’s passionate about cloud computing.  Ness currently works at a cloud automation startup in Silicon Valley.  His recent Twitter activity has interviews of him discussing why cloud will crush traditional disaster recovery.  

Greg Ness

7. Greg Schulz, @storageio, a vExpert for many years, founded StorageIO in 2006 and is currently a senior advisor there. He has written three books on data infrastructure and is also an expert in servers. Schulz's tweets demonstrate his expertise in the storage sector.

Greg Schulz

8. Kevin Jackson, @Kevin_Jackson, has been involved in the tech industry for over fifteen years. He founded his own company, GovCloud Network, which provides IT consulting services to government and commercial customers. He also published a book titled GovCloud: Cloud Computing for the Business of Government.

Kevin Jackson

9. Roman Stanek, @RomanStanek, has founded three companies in his career, GoodData, NetBeans and Systinet. Currently, he is the CEO at GoodData, which utilizes cloud computing to provide valuable business intelligence insights. NetBeans and Systinet have been acquired and are now owned by Oracle and HP, respectively. Stanek tweeted about his debate on VentureBeat "Can 'big data' lift people out of cycles of debt? "

Roman Stanek

10. Stuart Miniman, @stu, is a principal research contributor for Wikibon.  Miniman is an active member in networking, virtualization, and cloud communities.  Check out some of his research on Server SAN.

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This article was originally published on July 20, 2015

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