Data-Aware STorage Vendors

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Meet the Data-Aware Storage Players

Over time, we expect many more vendors to embrace data-aware product capabilities as they re-architect their products; however, at the time of the writing, Taneja Group considers the following companies at the forefront of data-aware storage:

Data-Aware Storage Vendors

Each of these companies is taking a unique approach to where they want to apply data-aware methods to solve very real business storage issues. They do this while also creating business value through data analytics not previously available. For instance, Qumulo is focused on solving the problems for the largest media, life sciences and oil & gas companies (initial markets) with petabytes of data. They emphasize scalability into many billions of files. DataGravity, on the other hand, is more focused on the mid-market and perhaps solving a broader set of problems for such customers. Tarmin is focused on use case-specific capabilities, such as a data-aware storage platform focused on archiving or backup optimization that can simultaneously perform e-discovery, compliance and archive. Taneja Group fully expects that each will add more data-aware capabilities as they evolve their products to meet unique customer demands.


Storage has been dumb long enough.

The time is ripe for storage to become data-aware and thereby radically reduce administrative costs while unlocking the value of the data stored. All the right key technologies are now readily available to make storage smart. As exemplified by Qumulo, Tarmin and DataGravity, data-aware storage is not only possible but already delivering serious benefits to customers, especially those that otherwise would be buried under mountains of data and losing control fast.

The data-aware category of storage is in the early stage of development. These companies are all pioneers. They have put a stake in the ground, but a lot of learning is ahead of us. But the time to look seriously at data-aware storage is now. Waiting for perfection is a fool’s paradise, as we have learned again and again in this industry. These companies represent enough of a leapfrog that they are worthy of consideration. Go ahead, get started. We at Taneja Group think you will reduce management costs, improve business insights and reduce business risk, all at the same time. That’s more than you could say about any technology of the past two decades.

In the future, we believe that there will be multiple players who emerge clustered around unique data-aware features that resonate most with customers. Look for 2015 to be the year that the data-aware storage category starts to take shape as a key emerging technology. We also expect most, if not all existing storage vendors to embrace data-awareness; however they will have to significantly re-architect their current products to create offerings equal to those from the pioneers mentioned above.

by Jeff Kato, Senior Analyst, The Taneja Group

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This article was originally published on March 31, 2015

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