Permabit, ExaGrid enhance data deduplication

October 21, 2010 – Permabit this week introduced the latest version of its “OEM embeddable” Albireo data deduplication software. The new release includes GX Technology, and the company is claiming sustained deduplication throughput of up to 77GBps in a grid configuration using 64KB block sizes and hardware-based SHA-256 hashing.

Permabit’s Albireo is real-time data deduplication software that can be integrated with the storage stacks of its OEM partners, which currently include BlueArc and Xiotech.

Also this week, ExaGrid added a “generic” mode to its data deduplication algorithms, providing an alternative to block-level deduplication. The company’s DeltaZone Deduplication architecture can use generic byte-level or content-aware byte-level deduplication in the ExaGrid GRID architecture.

For more information on the Permabit and ExaGrid deduplication announcements, see “ExaGrid, Permabit Revamp Dedupe Architectures” on Enterprise Storage Forum.

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This article was originally published on October 21, 2010