Egnyte Embraces Big Data Analytics for Smart File Sync and Share

By Pedro Hernandez

Egnyte, a Mountain View, Calif.-based provider of hybrid cloud storage solutions, previewed its latest spin on enterprise file sync and sharing services today.

The company's upcoming suite of storage capabilities, dubbed New Adaptive Enterprise File Services and Content Intelligence, layers big data analytics onto its existing solution to unearth hidden, business-enhancing usage patterns. With those insights in hand, organizations can establish file collaboration environments that strike a balance between so-called consumerized computing experiences productivity and IT manageability, according to Egnyte's CEO and co-founder, Vineet Jain.

"Unlike other providers, Egnyte is focused on delivering solutions that do not require trade-offs between the needs of end users and IT departments," he said in a statement. "The introduction of Adaptive Enterprise File Services is a major step forward in our goal of empowering enterprises to securely, easily, and intelligently share files at scale and in a way that seamlessly integrates with any cloud, storage, mobile device, and productivity application our customers are using. This is why our strategy has gained such strong endorsement from our customers and partners."

According to the company, the platform's new Content Intelligence capabilities will enable "users to understand exactly how their files are being accessed and shared inside and outside of an organization and helps them adapt and optimize their content strategies and workflows." IT departments, on the other hand, can leverage the software's new smart reporting and auditing tools to give administrators an understanding of "how information flows throughout their organization with robust reporting and analytics that empower them to optimize infrastructure utilization and streamline operations."

Taken altogether, the new offerings will help organizations gain new visibility into their file-sharing setups, allowing them to bolster their security efforts, simplify enterprise file management and help users track how their files are being used, according to Jain.

In a company blog post, Jain described Content Intelligence as "a new service tailored specifically for end users to help them understand exactly how their files are being accessed and shared inside and outside of their organizations. The true value of this service is in the added predictive capabilities that will enable Egnyte to recommend and proactively optimize content strategies and information workflows."

For business, the new reporting capabilities can help keep IT budgets in check. "This empowers IT to optimize infrastructure utilization, on and off premises, and streamline operations, which will help reduce costs," said Jain.

Pedro Hernandez is a contributing editor at InfoStor. Follow him on Twitter @ecoINSITE.

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This article was originally published on January 20, 2015