Egnyte, a provider of cloud-based file services, today announced that is has partnered with some major IT systems makers to deliver its technology to enterprises that prefer to roll their own cloud file sharing infrastructures.

The Mountain View, Calif.-based firm today unveiled EgnytePlus, a platform and partner program that extends many of the company’s HybridCloud online file sharing and management features to select hardware from IBM, NetApp, Netgear and Synology.

EgnytePlus-certified solutions support the company’s core cloud-enabled capabilities — or “tiers” as Egnyte classifies them — namely file sharing, replication and archiving services that bridge local and cloud storage. The platform also extends support for the company’s mobile tier, which allows users to access, share and store files on laptops and smartphones and tablets that run the popular iOS and Android mobile operating systems.

In addition to sparing users from access schemes like VPN and FTP, EgnytePlus also provides file sync and user access control services. Data protection features include cloud backups via remote data replication, recovery and data encryption.

Egnyte CEO Vineet Jain says that EgnytePlus is the answer for corporate IT departments that are apprehensive about parking their data on the cloud. “We’ve consistently heard from our enterprise customers that the cloud is not enough, and what they want is the utility of the cloud combined with secure on-premise storage,” said Jain in a statement.

“By partnering with world class storage players like NetApp, IBM, Netgear and Synology, EgnytePlus does precisely that,” he adds.

The first batch of EgnytePlus-certified products include IBM N-Series and DS-Series Storage and NetApp FAS Unified Storage systems. Netgear solutions include ReadyNAS and the company’s ReadyDATA unified storage platform. Finally, SMB storage specialist Synology will be offering DiskStation NAS hardware with EgnytePlus support.

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