Good Technology wants to help businesses that handle sensitive customer data finally get over their mobile device fears.

Mobile device management (MDM) solutions provider Good Technology has teamed with Microsoft to secure the latter’s customer relationship management (CRM) platform, in a move that may impact how security-conscious businesses mobilize their workforces. Rather than focus on the device – an iPad in this case – the companies worked to lock down the app.

The companies enlisted the Good Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform to create a containerized version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM for iOS (iPad 3.0 and up with iOS 7 or 8), fittingly called Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Good. It’s a tactic that allows the companies to secure the app and its data, regardless of whether the device is already under the protection of an MDM product.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Good provides application-level controls that prevent data leakage, an issue that is often overlooked by a mobile operating system’s built-in security features and generalized MDM platforms, assert the companies. To promote collaboration and information sharing, mobile vendors bake in a generous number of sharing options – good for keeping co-workers in the loop but not necessarily the most secure environment for customer service and sales organizations that need to keep CRM data private.

“The Good Dynamics container adds end-to-end encryption of sensitive and/or regulated customer information, including at rest, in motion, and in use between apps in multi-app workflows,” said Jeff McGrath, senior director of product marketing for Good Technology in a blog post. “Good provides advanced DLP [data loss prevention] controls that go beyond prevention of Open In and Copy/Paste to personal apps,” including the ability to prevent app screenshots and unsanctioned iTunes backups, he added.

Microsoft made some tweaks of its own, noted McGrath. The company extended the app container’s capabilities with added integrations, including secure document editing and viewing using Good Dynamics Shared Services, secure Web browsing with Good Access, secure email with Good Work and the ability for IT personnel to disable Skype-based calls to contacts.

Good argues that taking an application-centric approach can help businesses exploit the productivity-enhancing benefits of mobile devices while addressing the concerns of administrators tasked with securing private or regulated data.

“Enterprise sales teams need secure access to customer information while on the move,” remarked Christy Wyatt, chairman and CEO of Good Technology, in a statement. The join solution “puts key customer relationship tools at their fingertips without sacrificing the security of proprietary information, ensuring sales teams can be just as effective while mobile as they are in the office.”