Ten takeaways from VMworld 2010

By Dave Simpson

“VMware’s VMworld conference has come and gone with a cavalcade of storage vendors putting their stamp on the show with product announcements, demonstrations and presentations for the more than 17,000 attendees,” writes Drew Robb on Enterprise Storage Forum.

Drew attended the show and came up with ten takeaways:

  1. Storage vendors have gone ga-ga for VMware
  2. EMC made a very smart buy
  3. VMworld meets EMC World
  4. EMC World and VMworld will unite within a couple of years
  5. EMC is far more organized and professional than VMware
  6. Storage needs VMware
  7. VMware has gotten too complex – Simplification is a –comin’
  8. The Moscone Center is even more complex than VMware
  9. EMC is going to move further away from hardware
  10. VMware moves to services, development tools and virtual desktops

Read the full article on Enterprise Storage Forum: “Top 10 Takeaways from VMworld”

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This article was originally published on September 03, 2010