High-performance computing (HPC) storage vendor Panasas Monday announced it will begin shipping in August its new ActiveStor 11 parallel storage appliance, a complement to the company’s high-end ActiveStor 12. In the same time frame, Panasas will also deliver an update to its ActiveStor 12 appliance.

An ActiveStor 11 can linearly scale to 6 petabytes (PB) of disk space, and can scale throughput to as much as 115 GB per second from a single global namespace, according to company statements.

An ActiveStor 11 appliance will hold up to 60 TB of disk space per chassis. The same is true for the updated ActiveStor 12.

However, while the basic ActiveStor 11 is optimized for capacity, with read throughput of 1,150 MB per second and write throughput of 950 MG per second, the basic ActiveStor 12 is optimized for high performance, with read throughput of 1,500 MB per second as well as write throughput of 1,600 GB per second.

That compares with the existing lower-end ActiveStor 8, which holds a maximum of 40 TB per chassis and features read throughput of 600 MB per second and write throughput of 550 MB per second.

“ActiveStor 11 is an attractive solution to deliver a new level of cost effectiveness for a variety of markets, whether deployed as part of a dedicated research cluster or a multi-tenant private cloud platform,” Faye Pairman, president and CEO of Panasas, said in a statement.

Whereas the ActiveStor 8 costs $65,000 with 40 TB of disk capacity, the ActiveStor 11 will cost $90,000 with 60 TB, and the updated ActiveStor 12 with 60 TB will cost $110,000.

In addition, the ActiveStor 8 runs on a 32-bit architecture, while the ActiveStor 11 and 12 both have a 64-bit architecture. The ActiveStor 12 also comes with network failover as standard, while that’s an optional addition on the ActiveStor 8 and 11.