Google announced new enhancements to Chromebooks, Google Classroom, and Google Meet on Wednesday, intending to empower instructors and students.

Google Meet will now include capabilities to enhance connectedness, control, and efficiency in the classroom for those utilizing the Teaching and Learning Upgrade or Google Workspace for Education Plus, according to Google.

Google Meet Brings Auto-Transcription Along With Some Other New Features

Google Meet Brings Auto-Transcription For Google Classroom

The Meet will gain a new smart feature that will automatically transcribe conversations into a Google Doc, allowing users to revisit and review the lessons. During discussions, users will be able to multitask owing to the Picture in Picture feature, which maintains four tiles open while switching tabs. Teachers can add surveys and quizzes to live streams to make classes more engaging. 

This is another feature that aids with engagement. Even though they were already present at the regular meetings, the information was not broadcast live. 

With these features, online classrooms should become more fun and interactive while helping educators keep a written track of everyday lessons. 

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How Will Auto-Transcription Be Helpful In Academic Environments?

How Will Auto-Transcription Be Helpful In Academic Environments?

In this post covid era, businesses and schools are shifting towards online-only work environments. Conferences and classes are mostly held over Google Meets, and the new auto-transcription feature that Google has rolled out can prove to be a game-changer.

The software will provide a live transcript while the feed runs so that viewers can see what’s being said. But what if they want to look up the transcript after the stream has finished? Here is where the new update by Google comes into action. 

That Meet transcript will be saved to a Google Doc by Google. This implies that the students can open the document afterward and see what was said. What’s more, after the transcript has been saved, the instructor can update it and double-check that everything was recorded correctly.

Other Education-Related Updates From Google

Google is enhancing the capabilities of Meet’s live broadcasts. Schools will be permitted to webcast school board meetings and activities on YouTube starting this year. Workspace formerly provided users with two options for performing online broadcasts: a limit of up to 500 viewers or up to 100,000 viewers in the same workspace. Because anybody on YouTube may now join live streams, more people will be able to participate.

As previously reported, Google is also releasing a new Screencast app, which is said to be incorporated into Chrome OS as part of the M103 upgrade.

Teachers may use the app to record, clip, copy, and share courses on-screen, while students can re-watch lessons from Google Drive and use screen recording features to produce their films.

According to Google, if they’re using a Chromebook with a touchscreen, instructors may also use the Screencast software to draw or write on movies.

Gmail will also receive an upgrade, allowing users to add alternate text to their photos.

This is helpful for persons who use screen readers since it informs them of the contents of their email.

While this is a minor upgrade, it demonstrates that Google is investing more effort into growing its educational reach, something it has been building on since the COVID-19 epidemic when it used distant learning.

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