LinkedIn is launching a new “Business Manager” tool even though the company did not specify when. The company’s vice president of product management, Gyanda Sachdeva, published this information on June 8th, 2022. 

Notably, BM will benefit a particular category of LinkedIn users and not all users. According to the above information, the upcoming Business Manager tool will provide value specifically to B2B LinkedIn clients. It’s essentially a centralized platform that makes it easier for these clients to manage people, pages, ad accounts, and businesses they trade with.

LinkedIn Business Manager To Enhance Pages And Campaign Manager Experiences 

LinkedIn Business Manager To Enhance Pages And Campaign Manager Experiences 

LinkedIn Business Manager will simplify further how LinkedIn business users keep track of their marketing efforts across the business-oriented social networking platform. The tool will provide additional control and visibility from a central location. That will enhance their Pages and Campaign Manager experience on LinkedIn. 

Business Manager Evolution Potential And Initial Features

According to Sachdeva, the new LinkedIn Business Manager tool will evolve and improve with time even as the company updates it with more strategic features. BM will play a pivotal role in how business users unearth strategic insights that make campaigns more effective when that happens.

As for now, here are the initial features you can expect to see in Business Manager; 

The first feature is View and Manage. With it, Business Manager users will enjoy the ability to view and manage their Pages, AD accounts, business partners, and teams from one dashboard. By having everything in one place, they’ll be able to navigate across the tool and other features of LinkedIn, including Campaign Manager and Pages, more quickly. 

The second feature of LinkedIn Business Manager is Matched Audience Sharing Across Ad Accounts. As the name suggests, this handy feature lets BM users reach buyers quickly by updating and sharing matched audiences across ad accounts. It helps them save time and put more effort into executing the marketing campaigns.

Then there’s Free Up Time. As the name implies, this feature helps free up the time LinkedIn’s Business Manager users would otherwise spend on administrative tasks. They can use that time to focus on how to run better campaigns. 

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Linked Business Manager Will Be Free And Likely Give Great Results

When it comes out in a few weeks, Business Manager will be one of the best free centralized platforms for business-to-business (B2B) users. It might sound like hearsay or exaggeration, but the fact is that it’s a message we derived from Sachdeva’s most recent publication above. It suggests that LinkedIn built this tool with B2B customers in mind to enable them to optimize efficiencies so that they can create and execute engaging campaigns. To back it up, the company pointed out that early test customers such as Xero, Merkle B2B, GroupM Canada, and VMware have already witnessed value from the new Business Manager tool.

LinkedIn’s Business Manager tool could prove to be a very reliable tool that can assist B2B customers as their jobs become more complex with more challenges. Whether the challenge is reaching potential buyers more quickly or increasing brand visibility on LinkedIn, this tool will solve it. 

Notably, LinkedIn has promised to update BM with more features over time. The social networking company also vowed to continue seeking new ways to enable its customers to work smarter and drive more value for their businesses plus customers. Could Business Manager be LinkedIn’s turning point? Well, that remains to be seen for now. (c).

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