Nokia has recently started to upgrade its Nokia 2.4 phones with Android 12. Currency, only users across a few countries, including France, have seen their phones automatically switch to the new operating system. Don’t worry if your phone hasn’t, as it will in a few days or weeks. Currently, these budget-friendly phones feature the Android ten operating system. 

Nokia 2.4 Android 12 Upgrade Features And Technical Details

Nokia 2.4 Rolls Out Android 12 Upgrade Rolled Out For Users

Android 12 for Nokia 2.4 is fairly larger than Android 10, which is the default OS for this budget-friendly phone. To be precise, the former is almost 1.8GB, and the latter is only 1.2 GB large. What’s more, Android 12 comes with a new build number, V3.210, which helps you remember what version of the operating system your device is using. 

Among the key updates, this will bring to your phone is a new security patch that Google released in June 2022 for Android 12 smartphones. As the latest security patch from Google for Android devices, the update offers fixes to a myriad of privacy and security issues, giving your phone the best privacy and protection there ever can be at the moment. 

Plus, it won’t take up too much space on your phone as the files are as small as 28.46MB.

Going by Google’s Android Security Bulletin page, containing details of security vulnerabilities affecting Android devices, which was published a few days ago, security seems to be one of the key reasons why Google decided to create Android 12. You can check out what Google had to say by clicking the link. 

 The update provides performance enhancements to Nokia 2.4 smartphones as if that were not enough. This means that your smartphone will receive more power to run apps and games or to multitask more seamlessly. 

You’ll also enjoy all the top and standard Android 12 features, some of which include: 

  • Conversation Widget: A handy feature that allows you to access your most frequent conversations with a tap, regardless of the app you use.
  • Wallpaper-Based Dynamic Theming will ensure you never get bored of your phone.  
  • One-Handed Mode: make it easy to operate your phone with one hand.
  • Privacy Dashboard: lets you know which apps have access to your information.
  • Game Dashboard: improves your gaming experience by allowing you to stream your gaming session on YouTube, record your gameplay, or display a live FPS counter to get an idea of how your phone is performing. 
  • Quick Tap: it lets you access your apps with a quick tap. 
  • Optical fingerprint sensor Animation: An all-new wavy animation that will beautifully light up your optical fingerprint sensor, replacing the current animation that is very subtle with a halo effect.
  • Extra Dim: a new feature that further dims the screen if you find that your phone’s screen brightness is a bit too bright, even at the lowest setting possible. 

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Nokia 2.4 Android 12 Upgrade, How To Check For Its Availability, And How To Install It On Your Phone

Once the update becomes available in your country, you’ll automatically see a prompt to download and install it. If you don’t, you can manually check for it by going to Settings > System updates > Check for Updates. If it’s available, you’ll see a prompt to download and install it according to the instructions. (c).

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