Samsung launched One UI 4.1 concurrently with the Galaxy S22 series back in February 2022. But just three months later, the company has hinted at rolling out the overlay software’s predecessor “One UI 4.1.1” towards the end of 2022. It’s great news which has left many watching out for the launch date so that they can try it.

Like One UI 4.1, One UI 4.1.1 will be based on Android 12 but will also support Google’s upcoming Android 13, which could come out in September 2022. One UI 4.1.1 will come by default with the new Samsung Galaxy series, including the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and the Galaxy Z Fold 4. It means that only the owners of older Galax and other Samsung models will need to update their software. 

We expect Samsung to launch both of these sleek, foldable smartphones in August 2022. Thereafter, the developer will make One UI 4.1.1 compatible with many other Samsung smartphones across the board.

Samsung One UI 4.1.1

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Samsung One UI 4.1.1 Working Mechanism

Samsung has developed the One UI 4.1.1 software to support the Android operating system, which its smartphones rely on. The software will also support the phones with many crucial aspects, including internal memory. 

To be clear, One UI 4.1.1 will serve as a virtual RAM-boosting overlay software to help improve the phones’ RAM performance. It will work by taking some GBs of the phones’ storage and converting those to supplemental RAMs. That will enhance multitasking as well as overall performance without the need for big RAMs, which can be pretty costly for manufacturers. 

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Notable Features of Samsung One UI 4.1.1

Samsung One UI 4 Beta

Rumor has it that One UI 4.1.1 is going to be a more feature-packed Android support proprietary software than its predecessor. We expect to see a dozen better, game-changing features than what we have seen in One UI 4.1. Even though the details about those features are still officially unavailable, here’s what we have heard so far;

One UI 4.1.1 will come with an advanced feature known as “RAM Plus.” RP will boost the phones’ maximum RAM capacities by over 8 GB through a virtual RAM mechanism. All of this will emanate from the internal storage of the phones. It’s a slight improvement from One UI 4.1, which can only add up to 8GBs to the RAM, using the exact mechanism. 

We’ve also heard that this software has been equipped with an update to fix a bug in Samsung’s new customization module-Good Lock. GL enables users to create and customize live wallpapers as they wish. The feature will also offer a better user interface with more customization options than its predecessor. 

Samsung is known to not only rely on Android as the native software behind their phones. The smartphone manufacturer has always complemented the operating systems in its phones with its well-supported proprietary software packages. From Samsung Experience and Touchwiz to OneUI 4.1 and the upcoming OneUI 4.1, we’ve seen many overlay software being released by the South Korean electronics maker. The result has always been; UX-centric, highly-customizable phones with broadly expandable capabilities.

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