Twitter’s Carousel ads have been very popular among advertisers ever since they came out last year. Advertisers praise these ads that include multiple photos, videos, or both for driving sales or an intended action from their audience.

Twitter has disclosed that during the Beta testing face, Carousel ads led to a 25% increase in click-through rate for campaigns that use them for site visit conversions. Last week, the company shared a few new tips to help advertisers get the best results.

Summary of Tips On Twitter Carousel Ads

Twitter Reveals Tips For Successful Carousel Ads Campaigns

TIP 1: Make Sure All Your Images Or Videos Tell One Story

The first tip to keep in mind is that all your images and videos should tell a cohesive story behind your ad. If you get the visual narrative wrong, the ad will be confusing, and you’ll not get the most out of them. 

TIP 2: Your Product Or Service

Secondly, feature your product or service in the ad visibly. The images or videos should be high quality, representing it as it is. Also, make sure to explain the value that it will add to the user’s life. Here, you could talk about the problem it solves, its benefits, and so on.   

TIP #3: Provide Extra Context To Readers

Thirdly, make sure your carousel ad offers extra context. That way, your audience can fully understand the message and the action you intend for them to take. To accomplish that, fill out all the accompanying fields in the ad with text. Don’t forget to include some text in the headline, Tweet copy, and call-to-action fields.  

TIP 4: The Multi-Destination Functionality For Carousel Ads

The fourth tip concerns properly utilizing the multi-destination functionality for Carousel ads. In October last year, Twitter launched this functionality to make the ads more effective at driving conversions. 

Designed to integrate with your Carousel ads easily, the multi-destination functionality precisely works to drive your viewers to multiple landing pages. It ensures that each URL has its media as well as headline text. This will drive your audience to unique landing pages. However, be sure to customize your URLs and headlines if using this functionality. 

TIP 5: Leveraging Mixed Media In Your Carousel Ads

The fifth tip entails properly using mixed media(photos and videos) to leverage your ads. The beauty of Twitter carousel ads is that you can include mixed media(photos and videos) or homogeneous media( photos or videos only). 

Mixed media carousel ads are great because they increase the chances of your visuals getting viewed since if the viewer’s device cannot play the videos, they can at least view the images in the ad and get the message. 

If you decide to use mixed media as leverage, do it correctly. Ensure that both media file types have a consistent aspect ratio; 1:1 image with 1:1 video, or 16:9 image and 1.91:1 video. 

TIP 6: Your Detailed Card-Level And Swipe Metrics Are Very Crucial

Card-level and swipe metrics are very crucial to your carousel ad approach. These features provide relevant analytics to help you understand your ad performance. As such, don’t forget to check them out. 

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Examples of Brands That Saw Great Success With Carousel Ads After Implementing The Above Tips

Besides the new tips on Carousel ads above, Twitter also shared the names of a few brands that saw a big success due to proper implementation of the multi-image or multi-video ads by using those tips. The brands in question are Cooke Optics, Celtic & Co, GoPuff, and Comico. (c).

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