Twitter recently launched a practical option that allows users to untag OR unmention themselves from discussions and chats in which they do not wish to participate. The long-awaited feature allows Twitter users and brands to decide when and where their identities appear on social media.

More About Twitter Unmention Feature

This Twitter feature isn’t just about enabling you to remove or untag yourself from Twitter discussions as an individual or brand. It also allows you to stop receiving notifications about those discussions. You can also choose whether to stay with them or leave them entirely. But you’ll still be in the discussions if you prefer to follow them. There’s also an option to stop future mentions of you or your brand.

This functionality enables you to unlink your profile links from conversations, making you or your brand disappear from them completely.

Furthermore, they made the Twitter feature with all the devices in mind. In other words, it will work with Twitter for Android, iOS, and Windows.

This Twitter update is a surprise since no one expected to see anything like this soon. But despite the oblivion, the company has been working on it for the better part of last year(2021).

Twitter announced this privacy control feature through its safety page on Jul 11, 2022. The post has already received some 7,352 likes, 2,032 retweets, and 2,914 quote tweets. Given this, it’s safe to say that many people like the update.

Is It Untag Feature The Same Thing As Muting?

Twitters Newest Feature Lets You 'Unmention' From Conversations

Image Source: Twitter

When Twitter announced this functionality, some users couldn’t tell the difference between it and muting, which is another functionality in Twitter. For example, someone with the username “Nam Super Smash Con” replied to the announcement with the following question, “What’s the difference between this and muting a conversation?”

To clarify the distinction between this update and muting, the former removes your username or brand name from any conversation in which you do not wish to participate. On the contrary, the latter doesn’t, but it mutes all notifications you’d otherwise receive if the discussion were ongoing.

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Why The New Twitter Feature Isn’t Perfect

Even though this update will give users more control such that others cannot mention them in Twitter discussions, it is also not without a few drawbacks. One of them is that it will make it difficult for people to call out and expose others or brands as they need to.

For instance, a person who has been exposed or called out for something else can use this feature to delete their name from the post.

They may even block future mentions of their names in any discussions. The same is true with brands. That means it will be hard for the Twitter community to hold people or brands accountable. Maybe Twitter should review this update regarding these concerns before it’s too late. (c).

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