Are you searching for the Best Gaming VPN in India 2023? Desire an unparalleled gaming experience while protecting your online avatar from prying eyes and Man-In-The-Middle attacks? Browse our article to learn about the highest-rated Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).

VPN servers are remote computer networks managed by VPN providers for transmitting users’ internet traffic in encrypted form. VPNs use tunneling to shield your digital activity by dividing individual traffic into encoded data packets. These packets are re-coded into ciphertext and can only be decrypted by authorized entities.

Thus, VPN is a technology for obtaining secure connections from a system/device to the web. It prevents strangers, third parties, onlookers, governments, or ISPs from reading/accessing your data and works as a virtual IP charger for increased online freedom.

Continue reading for deeper insights into VPNs and the top five gaming VPN services.

Which Are The Best Gaming VPNs?

Best Gaming VPNs Helpful VPN For Gaming Guide

The VPNs mentioned below are device-agnostic and configurable on multiple network-assisted storage devices like computers, phones, routers, tablets, etc. They encrypt personal traffic and prevent spying while you are connected to public WiFi.

These Gaming VPNs provide outstanding features: split tunneling, DNS leak protection, numerous connection protocols, a no-logs policy, and 24/7 support via chat/e-mail/phone. They also provide a Kill Switch to prevent sensitive data from getting exposed to potential scammers when VPN connectivity drops. Moreover, they are nominally priced with free trials and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

So, let’s understand each Gaming VPN provider better.

1) IPVanish

IPVanish Best Gaming VPN

IPVanish is a high-speed VPN connection with 2K+ servers in 75+ global VPN locations, providing complete control over users’ online locations. With 40K+ IP addresses shared amongst subscribers, your digital persona remains concealed, allowing you to surf with 100% anonymity.

Moreover, IPVanish possesses a WireGuard VPN protocol for ultra-fast surfing and enables secure media consumption. Furthermore, users get unmetered connections per account and can connect multiple devices to the VPN simultaneously. Besides, the IPVanish app is universal and does not monitor users’ browsing activities.

Its advanced features encompass SOCKS5 proxy for maximizing speed, auto-startup, advanced antivirus protection, malware detection & elimination, unlimited speed, secure access to censored sites/apps, and 30-day risk-free usage with the annual plan.

Lastly, IPVanish hinders geo-monitoring in its tracks by modifying users’ IP addresses or visible locations and averts deep packet examination by intruders. Moreover, users can change their country of origin and reduce international call bills charged by VoIP providers or communication firms.

Download VPN For Different Operating Systems: IPVanish

2) ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN Best Gaming VPN

ExpressVPN is one of the best gaming VPNs, with 70% of the global bandwidth deployed on 10Gbps servers in 94+ countries for higher speed, security, and reliability. Its smart location algorithm ranks server locations based on critical metrics like distance, latency, download speed, etc., to facilitate lightning-fast browsing.

Noteworthy features of ExpressVPN include audited privacy safeguards, an easy setup process, censorship-free browsing, seamless audio & video streaming, and enhanced anonymity. Moreover, ExpressVPN’s Lightway protocol ensures a consistent speed irrespective of cable quality, router distance, and bandwidth throttling.

Besides, it has a robust automatic network lock that you can switch off with a few clicks/commands on Mac, Windows, and Linux. Furthermore, its symmetric AES-256 encryption hides your IP address, mixes individual traffic with others, and encodes traffic between protected VPN servers & PCs.

Moreover, ExpressVPN authenticates servers, prevents data alterations, enciphers control channels in multiple packages, and encodes data channels using the elliptic curve exponential key exchange. Its other value-added benefits include private DNS for preventing unwanted DNS filtering, TrustedServer technology to wipe data with every reboot, and zero collection of activity/connection logs.

Download VPN For Different Operating Systems: ExpressVPN

3) PureVPN

PureVPN Best Gaming VPN

Are you seeking a blazing 20Gbps server speed and unlimited streaming without ISP throttling, turtle load time, and continuous buffering? Choose PureVPN as it has an extensive international network with 6.5K+ optimized VPN servers in 78+ countries and 96+ locations. It supports 20+ devices, including gaming consoles, browsers, Roku, BoxeeBox, etc.

Some salient features of PureVPN are a KPMG-certified no-log policy, bank-grade 256-bit encryption, multiple VPN protocols, IP cloaking, and uncapped bandwidth.

Besides, PureVPN provides exclusive P2P servers at locations where P2P file sharing is legal. It also self-regulates its global network rather than relying on shared servers from third parties. Thus, PureVPN is synonymous with security and enhances speed, dependability, and privacy.

Moreover, the PureVPN service runs smoothly in the background, sans hiccups. Thanks to its self-designed service and proprietary applications optimized for progressive broadband connections.

Its product suite includes a premium VPN for port forwarding and a business VPN – PureDome. The business VPN is a dedicated server with a singular team IP for safeguarding remote team connectivity and controlling data access.

Download VPN For Different Operating Systems: PureVPN

4) NordVPN

NordVPN Best Gaming VPN

Touted as the ultimate security package, NordVPN is the popular gaming VPN and malware blocker to preserve documents on an encrypted cloud. It offers a comprehensive suite of features to help users securely surf apps, videos, and websites.

The Meshnet permits users to link to any remote system over ciphered private tunnels and uncover traffic diversion. Similarly, NordVPN’s threat protection functionality safeguards your online footprints from fraudsters, viruses, infected sites, and virtual hazards. Moreover, the “Dark Web Monitor” will alert you when sensitive personal information is leaked over the hidden web.

One of the distinguishing features of NordVPN is next-generation encryption for data safety. Additionally, it allows users to modify their IPs twice and add an extra security layer to their web traffic. Furthermore, users can blend NordVPN encryption with The Onion Router’s anonymity.

NordVPN’s other capabilities include tracker cum ad-blocker, cross-platform password organizer, data-violation scanner, dedicated IP, and IP masking. It operates in 59+ countries with 5.6K+ obfuscated servers to circumvent VPN-blocking firewalls.

Lastly, NordVPN provides lightweight VPN browser extensions, private DNS, live sports streaming from official channels, and buffer-free content. The NordVPN account is secured by multi-factor authentication, and users can connect up to 6 devices using a single account.

Download VPN For Different Operating Systems: NordVPN

5) Surfshark

Surfshark Best Gaming VPN

Surfshark is an excellent Gaming VPN provider, promising a new web experience without ads, trackers, phishers, and malware. Moreover, its CleanWeb AdBlock functionality saves mobile data by blocking unwanted advertisements, banners, pop-ups, adware, etc., and improves browsing speed. Besides, the Surfshark databases are continually updated to identify and block infected sites.

Surfshark’s Bypasser helps users segregate the data traffic into two parts – one that will be encoded and passed through the VPN and the one that will use the internet. All data-heavy applications and wireless devices whose IPs can be modified by a VPN can be appended to the Bypasser. It is beneficial for websites that load with significant delay due to a VPN. Moreover, it facilitates simultaneous use of your IP (to access local content on certain apps) and the VPN server’s IP ( to remain hidden on specific sites).

Zero activity logs, leak-resistant private DNS while using IPv4 stack, private browsing enabler, and AES-256-GCM encryption are other specialties of SurfShark. The Camouflage and NoBorders modes ensure you can use the VPN anytime, anywhere, in stealth mode. WireGuard, IKEv2, and OpenVPN are the VPN protocols supported by SurfShark.

Download VPN For Different Operating Systems: Surfshark

What Are VPNs?

VPNs are secure tunnels between the users’ devices and the web. Traditionally, they helped remote workers access corporate/business networks for internal documents and secured communications. However, the internet’s expanding use cases and an alarming rise in cybercrimes have led to the large-scale adoption of VPNs for amplified online safety.

VPNs help bypass snoopers, packet sniffers, censorships, bottlenecks, and restricted sites as encrypted data transfer channels. From a company’s standpoint, VPNs are valuable for connecting a geographically dispersed workforce to a unified server. Conversely, VPNs help gamers unlock new games, skins, maps, and other accessories that may be firewalled on their respective networks.

Last but not least, VPNs are governed by VPN protocols – predefined rules for VPN installation, encryption, authorization, obfuscation, verification, GPS spoofing, transportation, and traffic capturing.

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Which VPN Is Highly Recommended For Gaming?

Among the VPNs mentioned above, the best Indian gaming VPN in 2023 is ExpressVPN. Its supersonic speed, low ping (8 – 26ms), high-quality backend support, innumerable alternate servers to avoid busy gaming servers, low latency, and easy-to-use SmartDNS for gaming consoles help users enjoy lag-free gaming.

SurfShark is an equally good option for gaming enthusiasts, with servers in 95+ countries and a beginner-friendly VPN infrastructure. An unlimited VPN sans speed, device, or bandwidth limits, SurfShark helps gamers connect to a top-class server in their vicinity with a single click. Moreover, it minimizes ISP slowdowns and maximizes the gaming experience.

Boasting a minimal ping time of approximately 8ms, NordVPN is also worth considering for gaming. Its robust security system and interactive map interface help users quickly locate the nearest server for high-speed connectivity. Furthermore, the optimized servers add a protective cover to the gaming environments.

IPVanish offers maximum versatility & minimal ping time and is perfect for Android users. Other gaming VPNs worth exploring are PrivateVPN, CyberGhost, StrongVPN, and Private Internet Access.

Is It Safe To Use Free Gaming VPNs?

The rising demand for Gaming VPNs has led to the proliferation of free VPNs promising impeccable online safeguards and privacy at zero cost. However, VPNs are complex software requiring ample funds for maintenance and upgrades as per the continually changing internet privacy dynamics. So, how do free VPN services cover these expenses? By compromising on speed, performance, quality, and security standards.

They may use tracking mechanisms or cookies to monitor your web activities and capture confidential data sold to third parties or evil entities. Moreover, as advertisements constitute a significant revenue source for free VPN providers, you will be frequently interrupted by ads, including those containing malware.

Besides, they will likely sell your bandwidth/device processing power to paid subscribers or utilize your bandwidth for botnet attacks. Lastly, free VPNs cap your data usage, deliver abysmally low net speed, and cannot unblock sites like Netflix that have resilient geoblocks. Thus, you must avoid using free VPNs.

What Is Split Tunneling?

Split tunneling is a bandwidth-saving functionality that enables users to encrypt some portion of their app or device traffic with a VPN. It enhances net speed without slackening web activity, facilitates simultaneous access to local & foreign internet services, and helps users connect to LAN devices/network printers. Simply put, you can route some traffic through the VPN tunnel and the remaining via an ISP.

Contrarily, inverse split tunneling only protects specified apps/devices and allows everything else to pass outside the VPN.

Do VPNs Increase Pings?

Ping is the measure (in milliseconds) of the internet traffic’s transmission time between a user’s device and the destination IP address. As a VPN adds an extra stop en route to the endpoint for your web traffic, VPN usage will increase pings. A suggested method to battle higher ping woes is connecting to a local VPN server nearest your location. This way, the data travels the shortest possible distance and ping time stays within the acceptable range of 15-50 ms.

Does Playstation, Xbox, Or Nintendo Switch Support VPN?

Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch have made it daunting for users to install VPNs on them. Nevertheless, these gaming consoles can be run on the VPN connection of your router or PC, even though the setup process might seem tedious. Moreover, log on as a user with admin privileges.

When connecting the console to the VPN service on the router, ensure the console is not using a proxy server and has an active Wi-Fi/wired LAN connection. Similarly, when using the PC VPN connection, plug the console into your PC’s network adaptor using an Ethernet cable or wirelessly and enable net connection sharing.

Best Gaming VPN – Legal Implications & Final Thoughts!

Some countries, like China, Belarus, Russia, etc., have outrightly banned VPNs, while many others have imposed strict cyber laws that make VPN usage risky. In general, VPNs are legal but using them to access sites strictly prohibited by the government is illegal. Moreover, they should not be used for terrorist activities and punishable offenses like hacking, cyber stalking, circumventing geo-locking, copyright infringement, etc.

VPNs are fantastic tools for browsing, gaming, traveling, and streaming without compromising your online identity and privacy, provided they are used for legally permissible activities.

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