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Infostor.com® was started with the idea of bringing interesting and unique information about Technology & Gadgets. We are based in India, serving the Globe!

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Infostor.com® helps its readers stay informed about current tech developments and become technologically literate.

With time, Infostor became a one-stop shop for verified, fact-checked, and legit information about things in the Technology industry.

INFOSTOR’s Mission
Mission Statement: To bring fact-checked, unbiased and latest information about Tech, Apps, Laptops, Gadgets, and Gaming news to our readers.

Helping our readers inspires us to flourish at what we do, and seeing our efforts and attempts praised by tech and news titans makes us extremely happy.


Since its inception, Infostor has grown exponentially by producing Quality content. To add, Infostor has been mentioned by tech and news giants like VMWare, Time.com, VentureBeat, and many others.

Based in Bangalore, India, our team of tech lovers at Infostor aims to provide you with accurate and high-quality information. Whether you need help finding the right gadget for your purpose or a guide to solving a digital problem, Infostor has it all.

Infostor is a trusted platform for “all things technology.”

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Our highly-skilled and passionate team of tech industry experts are committed to producing top-notch content about the newest technological innovations and gadgets. We deliver precise, thought-provoking data that keeps our readers informed on the latest developments in their field. With our commitment to excellence, we craft stimulating pieces of work that inform and inspire as well!

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Founder & Chief Tech Editor
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Tech Writer

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