Data and files have to be counted among any organization’s critical assets along with products, cash, securities, raw materials and intellectual property. That makes disaster recovery (DR) and continuity of operation (COOP) systems the insurance policies that data assets from loss. Corporate and government executives understand this. Yet all too often, they are still unwilling to allocate adequate budgets to their IT departments to protect their data. Executives ever-aware of budgetary pressures often make the mistake of believing backup and disaster recovery does nothing to enhance their organization’s bottom line or its mission. To determine if outsourcing backup and DR to a cloud provider makes sense, all IT decision makers need to understand how much it costs to provide a similar service level internally. In this eWEEK slide show, Chris Poelker, vice president of enterprise solutions at FalconStor Software, explores 10 tips to validate any new DR and COOP technology to determine whether the cost of implementing it is justified.

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