Houston-based cloud storage startup Mezeo Software has released new updates aimed at tightening mobile security and assisting large service providers in platform management.

MezeoCloud 4.2, middleware that provides cloud storage and secure file syncing and sharing capabilities, works with standard servers and storage systems. The REST API-based platform, which can be rebranded, targets service providers and large enterprises, and can be deployed in private, public and hybrid cloud implementations.

The secure, enterprise-grade cloud storage platform features include storage virtualization, multi-tenancy and geo-replication. It also integrates with metering and billing systems and identity management platforms.

For this latest version, the company has added an oft-requested feature: delegated administration. New functionality has been baked into the Mezeo management console, allowing IT administrators and service providers to customize their access control setups.

Under the hood, MezeoCloud now offers new Amazon S3 and OpenStack storage connectors with encryption support. Also new is a NetApp StorageGrid connector that leverages the Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI) open standard.

New additions also include shared workspaces, notification feeds for file and folder updates and search-friendly file type metadata indexing. Post-processing plug-in support and file thumbnail and preview generation round out the behind the scenes updates.

On the client side, the company has released a new Microsoft Outlook plug-in and beefed up its security enforcement mechanisms. MezeoCloud now supports automatic remote wipes — both the cached app and offline data — of iOS and Android once their accounts are disabled.

Mezeo is tackling the compliance requirements of regulated industries with enhanced audit logging support and easing user management with Active Directory and LDAP configuration improvements, reports the company. Administrators can also easily convert guest users created by a Secure Share to a domain user.

Users will notice some new and enhanced capabilities, too.

The new Outlook plug-in generates URLs to files so that users can send links instead of overloading inboxes with big attachments. The Windows and Mac Sync clients support right-click integration, offering quick access to options including secure sharing, public link creation and viewing previous versions.

MezeoCloud 4.2 is available now.

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