Skyera, a San Jose, Calif.-based enterprise data storage company, today unveiled its second-generation all-flash array, the skyHawk FS.

The unified SAN and NAS system (iSCSI and NFS v3) delivers up to 136 TB of raw NAND flash storage capacity (100 TB usable) in a 1U chassis, which the company claims makes it “the densest solution on the market.” skyHawk FS arrays are also available in 16 TB, 32 TB and 68 TB capacities.

Aimed at virtualized environments, business databases and big data workloads, skyHawk FS can reach up to 400,000 input/output operations per second (IOPS) and sustain speeds of up to 2.4 GB per second. Latency falls in the microsecond range, according to company estimates. Network connectivity is provided by three 10 GbE ports.

Skyera’s follow-up to the original skyHawk “has the ability to accelerate even the most-demanding applications while significantly reducing infrastructure costs,” said CEO Frankie Roohparvar in a statement. His company is “able to not only optimize database workloads but also provide dramatically higher performance with fewer bottlenecks for virtualized environments,” he added.

Snappy performance aside, Skyera is positioning the hardware as an energy-, space- and money-saving alternative to traditional disk-based arrays.

The company estimates that skyHawk FS consumes as much 97 percent less power and takes up 99 percent less space than competing enterprise disk systems. Its underlying software foundation, Skyera Storage Operating System (SeOS), steamlines storage management and provides optimizations that cuts the number of arrays required, cutting operating expenditures by up to 90 percent.

Skyera’s less is more approach can help businesses eke out savings while growing their storage infrastructures, said Mark Peters, Senior Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group, an IT research group. “Rather than simply deploy more and more traditional equipment into the data center – which uses more power, space, cooling and management – Skyera’s innovative use of flash technology to provide extremes of both capacity and performance can help organizations save on their capital and operational expenditures and positively impact their bottom line,” he said in prepared remarks.

Another perk: increased SSD longevity. Life Amplification tech stretches the useful life of the array’s NAND chips by 100 times, claims Skyera. RAID SE, a proprietary technology, extends the life of flash by subjecting it to fewer writes.

skyHawk FS is available now. It faces off against a growing number of rivals in the all-flash storage market, including EMC XtremIO, Dell Compellent and Fujitsu.