The faster a business can recover its data, the faster it can get back to work.

That’s the argument San Diego-based Overland Storage is making with the debut of RapidRebuild, a new high-availability feature for the company’s SnapScale NAS line. According to Overland, the new technology enables data recoverability in half the time it previously took.

RapidRebuild accomplishes this by “intelligently rebuilding only the used blocks on a drive,” claimed the company in a statement. The feature proves its worth when rebuilding high capacity drives. It could otherwise take hours or days to rebuild multi-terbyte hard disk drives (HDDs) without the technology, claims Overland.

Combined with 4 TB SAS drive support, SnapScale now forms the basis of a scalable and resilient storage infrastructure, said Joe Disher, Director of Product Marketing for Overland Storage.

“SnapScale’s enterprise-class features, such as RapidRebuild, enable companies to better maximize the protection of their assets more efficiently than traditional RAID implementations. Our early support of 4TB Nearline SAS drives is further proof of our commitment to bring our customers the best technology to support the rapidly growing storage needs of our customers,” said Disher in a statement.

The company also places a premium on low-maintenance and ease of storage management.

SnapServer DX, the company’s unified NAS and iSCSI SAN hardware, debuted in October 2011. One of the main selling points: a storage appliance that needs no provisioning.

Jillian Mansolf, vice president of global sales and marketing at Overland Storage, said at the time of its debut, “We have designed DynamicRAID and the SnapServer DX to drive a fundamental shift in IT thinking and process … there is no longer a need to ever provision storage.”

Today, the company maintains that SnapScale is simple to deploy and manage, but that it also provides five nines uptime (99.999 percent) as well as a “no-single-point-of-failure architecture for maximum data protection.”

Overland Storage SnapScale Clustered NAS with RapidRebuild is available now.