Lucid8 today announced immediate availability of its latest data protection solution for Microsoft Exchange server.

Exchange Protection Manager(EPM), a replacement for the company’s DigiVault Exchange backup and recovery product line, provides highly granular data protection using single pass technology, according to the company’s CEO Troy Werelius.

“EPM uses true single pass backup and does granular recovery at any level,” Werelius told That’s in contrast to solutions that typically require two backup passes — one of the database and a second of the mailboxes — to provide s similar level of granularity.

Because of that, EPM, which supports Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, 2007, and 2003, can cut backup and recovery times by more than half, while providing recovery points as frequently as every 15 minutes, Werelius said.

EPM uses Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) to provide fast, consistent backups.

EPM also takes advantage of the new Database Availability Groups (DAG) features in Exchange 2010.

Exchange 2010 supports up to 16 DAG mailbox servers, which monitor each other to protect against errors and to provide automatic database recovery in event of a failure, according to Microsoft.

In order to eliminate CPU and input/output loads on production DAGs, EPM performs backups using a non-production DAG, Werelius said.

The package also uses a subset of Lucid8’s DigiScope product for ediscovery and recovery and to provide exports from EPM’s catalog.

“[EPM can restore] mailboxes, messages, calendar appointments, notes, tasks or other messaging items directly from any EPM Recovery Point while users stay connected, uninterrupted and productive during restoration,” a company statement said.

Additionally, EPM provides constant incremental backups so that changes can be applied without the need for new full backups, lowering the requirements for full backups to as little as once a month.

EPM also uses its catalog system as storage for recovery points where they can be archived onto legacy tape backup.

Lucid8’s EPM starts at $399 per server with unlimited users.

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