At the Hosting & Cloud Transformation Summit in Las Vegas this week, CommVault announced a cloud storage partnership with Mezeo Software and extensions to its existing relationships with Rackspace and Dell.

CommVault’s cloud storage initiatives are enabled by the introduction in February of a REST/HTTP interface, or “cloud connector,” for the company’s Simpana data protection suite, which enables the software to treat the cloud as a storage target (see “CommVault connects Simpana software to the cloud”).

Mezeo Software

At the Hosting &Cloud Transformation Summit, CommVault announced a new partnership with Mezeo Software. Mezeo provides cloud storage software to third-party hosting services providers. The CommVault-Mezeo partnership is based on the integration of a cloud-optimized version of CommVault’s Simpana software with Mezeo’s Cloud Storage Platform via native REST connectivity and Mezeo’s APIs.


CommVault also introduced a Cloud DR service as part of its partnership with Rackspace. CommVault pitches the service as low-cost disaster recovery for SMBs. The Cloud DR service integrates Simpana with Rackspace’s Cloud Hosting, Cloud Servers and Cloud Files services.

Jeff Echols, CommVault’s senior director of cloud strategy and alliances, says that CommVault’s four-year partnership with Rackspace has resulted in data protection of more than 45,000 servers and more than 24PB of data.

“With the Cloud DR service, in the event of a disaster, administrators can go into the Rackspace cloud and create a cloud server in minutes and recover their last backup copies,” Echols explains. “Once the server is restored, users access the data from the Rackspace cloud. They can be up and running in a matter of hours without having to recover over the WAN or restore from tape.”

Simpana users can leverage Rackspace’s cloud-based storage service by licensing Simpana on a per-TB basis from CommVault. Rackspace’s Cloud Files storage is available for approximately 15 cents per GB per month. Pricing for an additional CommVault Simpana Disaster Recovery license starts at $1,000. Each Rackspace Cloud Server is priced at $11 per month.


CommVault extended its long-standing OEM relationship with Dell with Dell’s introduction of the PowerVault DL2200 Backup to Disk Appliance, a version of which is powered by CommVault’s Simpana software with extensions for cloud storage. The software’s block-based data deduplication has been optimized for the PowerVault DL, and the companies claim data reduction of up to 95%.

Other features of the 2U PowerVault DL 2200 with Simpana software include 24TB of internal storage (scalable to more than 300TB) and deduplication throughput rates of up to 3TB per hour on weekly backups.

CommVault also introduced a virtual server agent that integrates with VMware’s vStorage APIs for Data Protection (VADP).

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