23. FOG

Another imaging and cloning solution, FOG makes it easy for administrators to backup networks of all sizes. It also includes features like virus scanning, memory testing, disk wiping, testdisk, and file recovery. Operating System: Linux, Windows.

24. FreeFileSync

This file and folder synchronization tool can be very useful for backup purposes. It can save a lot of time and receives rave reviews from users. Operating System: Linux, Windows, OS X

25. FullSync

Built for developers, FullSync offers synchronization capabilities suitable for backup purposes or for publishing Web pages. Features include multiple modes, flexible tools, support for multiple file transfer protocols and more. Operating System: Linux, Windows, OS X

26. Grsync

Grsync provides a graphical interface for rsync, a popular command line synchronization and backup tool. It’s useful for backup, mirroring, replication of partitions, etc. Operating System: Linux, Windows, OS X

27. LuckyBackup

Award-winning LuckyBackup offers simple, fast backup. Note that while it is available in a Windows version, it was first developed for Linux, and the Windows version is not as stable. Operating System: Linux, Windows

28. Partimage

This imaging software is helpful for creating recovery partitions on your system or for deploying multiple systems with identical images. It’s extremely fast, and it supports backup to another system on the network, as well as to a different partition on the disk. Operating System: Linux

29. Redo

Downloaded more than 750,0000 times, Redo claims to be “so simple that anyone can use it.” In addition to backups, it can do bare metal restores in as little as ten minutes. Operating System: Windows, Linux

30. Synkron

As you might guess from the name, this is a data synchronization tool. Key features include blacklisting, analysis and restore. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

31. UrBackup

A client-server system, UrBackup does both file and image backups. It requires very little configuration and does incremental backups while you work without slowing your system. Operating System: Windows, Linux

Online Data Storage

32. FTPbox

This app allows users to set up cloud-based storage services on their own servers. It supports FTP, SFTP or FTPS file syncing. Operating System: Windows

33. Pydio

Formerly known as AjaXplorer, this app helps enterprises set a file-sharing service on their own servers. It’s very easy to install and offers an attractive, intuitive interface. Operating System: Windows, Linux (Android and iOS clients available)

34. SparkleShare

Another self-hosted cloud storage solution, SparkleShare is a good storage option for files that change often and are accessed by a lot of people. (It’s not as good for complete backups.) Because it was built for developers, it also includes Git. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

35. Syncany

Syncany is similar to Dropbox, but you can use it with your own server or one of the popular public cloud services like Amazon, Google or Rackspace. It encrypts files locally, adding security for sensitive files. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

Storage Management

36. Libvirt Storage Management

Libvirt is a storage virtualization API that allows users to set up storage pools and volumes. Drivers are available for all of the popular hypervisors. Operating System: Linux

37. OHSM

The Online Hierarchical Storage Manager, or OHSM, helps control storage costs by moving data to high- or low-cost media in accordance with pre-determined policies. It allows administrators to set up rules for allocation (for the first time a file is saved) and relocation (for files that haven’t been accessed in a while). Operating System: Linux

38. oVirt

This tool makes it easier to manage virtualized environments, including virtualized storage. It’s highly scalable and includes some advanced security features. Operating System: Linux


39. 7-zip

This helpful compression utility supports multiple formats, including .zip files and .7z files, which compresses up to 70 percent smaller than .zip. It also includes AES-256 encryption capabilities. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

40. ArcConvert

Multiple award-winning ArcConvert can convert archive files among dozens of different formats. It automatically detects passwords, and it’s available in several different languages. Operating System: Windows

41. ArcThemALL!

ArcThemALL! is very useful for compressing or extracting batches of archive files. It can compress to three different file formats and extract 33 different formats. Operating System: Windows

42. Keka

This Mac-only tool provides 7-zip compression for OS X. Like the original 7-zip, it also extracts more than a dozen other archive formats. Operating System: OS X

43. PeaZip

This app works with an amazing total of more than 150 archived file formats. It can compress, convert, split, encrypt and securely delete stored files. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.