Taneja Group, along with InfoStor and Enterprise Storage Forum, is conducting a very brief survey to better understand your experiences with big data and the big storage challenges that go along with it.

“Big data” means more than just a lot of data. Big data means large, numerous data sets that retain business value over time. These data sets must remain protected and accessible for re-use, data mining, and analytics without overwhelming storage resources. The problem is that traditional storage architectures have real trouble providing the level of performance, capacity, scalability, and accessibility that big data sets require.

This anonymous survey should take just 1 to 2 minutes to finish. The results of this survey will be posted to InfoStor as an in-depth article in the near future. As a thank-you for taking the time to fill out the survey, you will receive a free, downloadable Taneja Group report on planning for big data storage environments (no registration required).