TwinStrata, a Natick, Mass.-based maker of cloud-connected storage systems and software, today announced the release of CloudArray 4.

CloudArray is cloud storage gateway technology that takes cloud capacity and “makes it look, feel and perform like local storage,” says TwinStrata CEO Nicos Vekiarides. The software can run as a virtual or physical appliance and can address up to 50 PB of cloud storage.

And today, the company hit a big milestone by announcing that it “now improved its flexibility by adding NAS capability,” states Vekiarides.

Taking a cue from on-premise hybrid storage systems, CloudArray now supports both network-attached storage (NAS) and storage area network (SAN) protocols, including Server Message Block (SMB), SMB2 and Common Internet File System (CIFS) as well as Active Directory support. SAN interoperability rests on iSCSI support.

CloudArray’s newfound affinity for files instantly broadens the platform’s appeal, says Vekiarides. Previously, “iSCSI was the only front-end interconnect,” he informs. “By adding NAS connectivity customers can use us as a file server as well.”

CloudArray also boasts more expansive support among cloud storage providers. It now works with over twenty public cloud services, including HP Cloud Services, IBM SmartCloud, SoftLayer, Dell and Google. For an extra layer of data protection, the software also supports in-cloud, virtual appliance deployments, for improved disaster recovery or as primary storage for clouds infrastructures.

Finally, the software is getting a facelift of sorts. A new GUI provides graphical real-time views of cloud storage and on-premise storage statistics, which include caching and cloud data flows.

All told, these features should appeal to enterprises, which are beginning to adopt cloud storage in earnest, says Mark Peters, a senior analyst for Enterprise Strategy Group.

“Recent ESG research has found that organizations spending money on storage are increasingly turning to cloud storage services to expand capacity in lieu of buying new on-site infrastructure, and enterprise organizations are leading this trend,” says Peters in a statement. “TwinStrata features like native SAN/NAS, high security, high availability, advanced functions and ease of use appeal directly to these larger businesses. With CloudArray 4.0, TwinStrata is really ‘filling out’ and strengthening the enterprise nature of its offering, while keeping its attractive price point,” he concludes.

On the hardware front, TwinStrata announced its new CloudArray P300 series powered by the new software. Available with 6 TB to start, the 2U appliances provide cloud-enabled high availability features with optional hybrid SSD options to speed data caching operations.

CloudArray 4.0 and CloudArray P300 series hardware are available now. Pricing for both virtual and physical appliances starts at $0.19 per GB. Perpetual licenses start at $4,995.

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