With the availability of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 at hand, EMC is making its bid for a piece of the market with today’s launch of a new member of the SourceOne e-mail management and archiving family — EMC SourceOne for Microsoft SharePoint.

EMC SourceOne for Microsoft SharePoint is a standalone software product that brings information governance capabilities (i.e., operational control, compliance and e-discovery) to multiple SharePoint sites and farms.

Gabriela Garner, director of product marketing for SourceOne, says EMC has taken the discovery component of Kazeon’s eDiscovery suite (acquired by EMC last year) and applied it directly to SharePoint 2010, giving SourceOne the ability to automate the removal of SharePoint content from Microsoft SQL Server and archive it to EMC SourceOne.

SourceOne for SharePoint Server makes use of Microsoft’s external binary large object (BLOB) storage API to preserve native Microsoft Office integrations, existing workflows and explicit document links.

Once SharePoint content is stored in the SourceOne archive, it can be managed for long-term retention and disposition to comply with internal policies and external regulations.

According to a recent InfoTrends report, “Gathering MOSS? Revealing SharePoint Opportunities and Costs,” the market for SharePoint in the U.S. is expected to hit $5.05 billion by 2012.

Given that the report shows almost half of medium, large and very large companies already have SharePoint 2007 in place and only 28% of respondents think SharePoint is capable of addressing their company’s compliance, privacy and security requirements, the market for add-on software is ripe for the picking.

SourceOne for SharePoint is the most recent addition to EMC’s SourceOne family of archiving, compliance and e-discovery products (see “EMC beefs up e-mail compliance for SourceOne”). The family also includes SourceOne Email Management, SourceOne Discovery Manager and SourceOne Discovery Collector.

EMC is selling SourceOne for Microsoft SharePoint by the seat. Those with 5,000 or fewer seats will pay $40 per seat, while deployments beyond that number will come in at $35 per seat. Additional discounts can be had if SourceOne for SharePoint is used or purchased in conjunction with EMC’s SourceOne Email Supervisor product.

Support for SharePoint 2010 in addition to earlier versions will be available when SourceOne for SharePoint is released at the end of June.

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