Overland Storage’s new SnapServer NAS N2000 may be positioned at the high end of the SnapServer line, but it carries a low-end price tag: a 4TB configuration is priced at $4,999 (MSRP) and an 8TB version at $5,999. And until the end of September, users who buy a 4TB N2000 for $4,999 get a free upgrade to an 8TB configuration.

Pricing is based on configurations with 1TB and 2TB SATA drives, but the 2U, 12-drive N2000 also supports 15,000rpm, 3Gbps SAS drives in hot-swappable mixed-drive configurations.

The SnapServer NAS N2000 is designed primarily for file-serving (NAS) applications, but it also supports iSCSI and up to six Gigabit Ethernet ports. Users can scale the N2000 from 1.2TB to 144TB via E2000 expansion units.

Bundled software includes the GuardianOS operating system, snapshots, replication, and support for RAID-0, 1, 5, 6 and 10.

Also introduced today, Overland’s NEO 8000E is an enhanced version of the company’s NEO 8000 series of tape libraries. The LTO-5 tape library scales up to 3PB of capacity and has a data transfer rate of 24TB per hour. Base price is $47,999.

Two of the key enhancements in the NEO 8000E, according to Peri Grover, Overland’s director of product marketing for tape products, are Automation Drive Interface (ADI) technology and embedded partitioning.

ADI embeds I/O interface technology in the library, eliminating the need for interface bridge cards and potential failure points. The library supports 4Gbps and 8Gbps Fibre Channel, 3Gbps and 6Gbps SAS, and SCSI interfaces.

Embedded partitioning enables users to create up to four logical partitions in the library. Grover says that partitioning is typically based on applications or interfaces.

LTO-5 specifies a cartridge capacity of 3TB and a transfer rate of up to 280MB, both assuming 2:1 compression.

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