After improving the background blur in Google Meet web clients, Google has turned its attention to revamping the video calling experience in Chromebooks. Google will add some much-needed valuable features to its Linux-based operating system, ChromeOS, to enhance the quality of video calling and conferencing.

According to experts, the American multinational technology company has decided to incorporate some trailblazing features from the macOS, such as built-in video effects like portrait blur, center-stage reframing, etc.

The New ChromeOS Features

ChromeOS Video Calling To Receive Major Upgrades Such As Built-In Video Effects

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Here’s a list of features that are likely to be rolled out soon:

On-Device Background Blur: The new code changes indicate Google ChromeOS developers are working on introducing the built-in portrait blur in their platform.

The new feature will be guided by machine learning (ML); in all probability, only the newer ChromeOS devices will receive the update.

Portrait Relighting: Besides portrait blur, Google could also introduce Portrait Relighting. Originally introduced to Google Pixel phones, this feature will offer Machine-Leaning enabled illumination.

It will render great lighting and give users a more professional ambiance in their video calls.

Auto-Framing: It has already been featured on Google Duo. Auto framing will enhance the video call by keeping the user in the camera’s focus, despite occasional movements.

Users could expect a reworked version of this feature to be available on their Chromebooks.

Video Call Monitoring: Google may also enable ChromeOS users to monitor when a video call starts on Google Meet or Zoom. It is also indicated in a code change.

Network Error Warning: The new updates may also include warning prompts to notify users of a network connection error during video calls.

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Availability of the ChromeOS Updates

The new updates are not yet announced. Given the state of progress in their development, hopefully, they will be rolled out within a few months. Although presently, Google is conducting tests on the built-in blurring effects on 11th Gen and 12th Gen Intel-powered Chromebooks.

Reason For The ChromeOS Update

The post-pandemic work culture has seen a multifold rise in remote and hybrid working models. Video conferencing is a powerful tool that allows teams to stay connected and collaborate on multiple occasions. As of 2024, video conferencing is typical for one-on-one (80%) and team meetings (78%).

Also, the global video conferencing market’s value was USD 6.28 billion in 2021. In seven years, the market is charted to experience growth from USD 6.87 Billion in 2022 to USD 14.58 Billion, exhibiting a CAGR of 11.3%.

Zoom holds 55% of the market share in the US and UK when it comes to video conferencing, whereas Google Meet accounts for 21%.

Many video conferencing applications have their versions on background blurring, background swapping, light adjustments, etc.

With the current developments, Google intends to improve its performance in the video calling and video conferencing segment. Enhancing ChromeOS video calling features is trying to compete with Windows and Mac computers. (c).