NFL 2022 season is ready. Kicking off next month on September 8, 2022, the elite league involving 32 teams is scheduled to end on January 8, 2023. This year’s Super Bowl LVII is fixed for February 12, 2023. The excited chatter and clamor around this much-awaited league have skyrocketed lately.

In their recent LinkedIn post, Reddit shared several important insights regarding the NFL communities hosted on its platform. Also, it encourages brands to tap into the enormous market potential of this huge fan base.

Collectively these Subreddits provide the space for a unique blend of community and conversation. Fans regularly jump into the discussion, post images of the game or their favorite players, replay outstanding moments, and comment to show their support for teams. Reddit has provided some more details in this regard.

What Is The Information That Reddit Has Shared About NFL Moments?

What Is The Information That Reddit Has Shared

According to Reddit, these football communities, also known as Subreddits, collectively rake in 4.3 million monthly visitors. According to GWI US 2021, almost a quarter of NFL fans, as high as 37%, are regular users of Reddit. You can instantly reach them on the platform.

So brands do not have to worry about opening an alternate communication medium to increase their visibility. If marketers align their goals with the current mood of excitement and cheer, they can use the golden opportunity to boost their sales.

Reddit Internal, Global 2021 informs that as a result of this engagement centered on NFL, the platform garners 202 million engagements per month. Digital marketers can use this opportunity and their skills to engage with fans across the US and the globe, improving their conversion rate.

What About The Other Platforms?

Regarding the percentage of regular footfall, Reddit is only second to Snapchat, which has 44% of unduplicated NFL fans in the US. The GWI data also indicates that among other social media platforms, Reddit is followed by TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook with 40%, 31%, 22%, and 16% fans, respectively.

Type Of Activity In Subreddits:

So what do the fans normally do in the Subreddits? They primarily engage in discussions related to past or upcoming NFL games. Fans also regularly participate in game predictions involving minute details and exciting analysis. Besides that, frequently posted game highlights entertain and contribute to the amped-up discussions.

So What Exactly Can Marketers Do With NFL Moments?

Digital marketers and marketing teams can hop in and seize the moment. They may surround the NFL discussions when it takes place in the Subreddits. It will boost their brand visibility, preparing a direct engagement with a large population demographic. Subsequently, they can be onboarded later on.

According to the input that Reddit has shared, Sundays and Mondays are the most important days on the platform when the peak engagement takes place during the NFL season. Each Sunday, compared to weekly average views, witnesses a 26% increase across the communities.

On Mondays, the participation level shoots up to 50% extra views. Also, from 9/1/2021 to 1/27/2022, daily views in football Subreddits have significantly increased. Marketers and brand strategists should quickly use these insights to be ahead of the game.