YouTube Unleashes Features For Trimming Videos & Identifying Copyright

Option To Trim Standard Youtube Videos

Youtube came up with another strategic update, with options for trimming the standard videos into Shorts and an advanced copyright details page to track the copyright issues.
Let’s get to know what YouTube has its eyes on this time.

Option To Trim Standard Youtube Videos

Option To Trim Standard Youtube Videos

Image Source: Creator Insider YT

To allow the creators to trim their standard videos, YouTube has created an update in its Studio. The Editor tab now includes a new “New Cut” option. This option will allow creators to trim their videos into short clips of 60 seconds. These short clips, or as the new era calls them, “Shorts,” are considered more engaging among people than standard long videos.

The “New Cut” section will be an advancement in editing tools that YouTube has till now. The “New Lower” part, as seen in the image above, can be a modification in the grain time and also be easily accessible in the YouTube Studio application. This feature can now be seen only in the mobile application, but the desktop version will also have it shortly.

The implications are towards the cut-throat competition with TikTok. The reason is that TikTok has seemed to grow rapidly from shorter video content in the past few years. The domination of shorter video content has risen in the past few years. According to YouTube, this update will motivate creators to put out their prime quality chunks from the videos. It will also help the creators to grow. There is a possibility of attracting new creators to the platform as well.

The domination of Shorts clips over the standard video content has risen in the recent past. Before, it usually labeled the standard videos of less than 60 seconds as “Shorts” with the creator’s consent.

The statistics show that 1.5 billion people interact with Shorts monthly, which can be a catalyst for this move. This option to upvote multiformat content can be an asset for YouTube if it goes as predicted.

Something New In The Youtube Analytics

Another feature to enhance the creator experience has been added in the analytics section that will help the users get an insight into the number of subscribers they have earned through the updates they have made unrelated to their videos. This advancement is very similar to other social media platforms. Again, an implication is that YouTube is adapting the ideas of fellow competitors and making itself better for its creators.

Helping Creators To Identify Red Flags With Video Copyright Details Page

Image Source: Creator Insider YT

Another buzz points to a Youtube update where a creator can have complete data on how his videos are affected through claims and copyrights. The Copyright Video details the panel now provides more details and updated details about the copyright issues associated with the videos on the Youtube channels.

The future will be critically competitive, and YouTube seems to be getting more challenging in preparation. In one way or the other, we all know that this media giant will never let any of its competitors take over and vice versa.

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