Microsoft Word To OneDrive Sharing Options Launching Soon

Microsoft Word To OneDrive Sharing Option Launching Soon

As one of the leading cloud services, OneDrive has been regularly updated with new features and add-ons from time to time. Microsoft always does that to expand the capabilities that the cloud platform has to offer. The company’s ultimate aim with these updates is to make the software more functional than its alternatives to attract the most customers.

In that same spirit, Microsoft is currently developing a feature for OneDrive that will be super useful when it comes out. Microsoft Word File Sharing will enable people to share MS Word files via OneDrive. The document owners will also be able to give edit permissions to those with whom they share their documents.

As such, those who the documents are shared with and given permission to edit them will be able to perform several functions with those documents. For example, they’ll be able to edit, copy, move, rename, delete, or re-share the documents over the cloud service. They’ll also be able to “review” the document. In other words, they’ll be able to add comments, suggestions, and quotes to the document.

The changes that those collaborators make will apply across the board. It’s very similar to the case of Google Docs, where you can share a document with others and even authorize them to edit it. If they edit the document, all the changes they make will automatically apply on your end.

With Microsoft Word file sharing support for OneDrive, OneDrive teams will find it easier to collaborate and complete tasks more efficiently. This is especially when it comes to managing MS Word documents on behalf of their team leaders. Apart from that, it will also contribute to a more interactive experience as team members enjoy the ability to interact better through sharing tasks.

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How Did OneDrive Cope For So Long Without MS Word Document Sharing?

Though it’s great to learn that OneDrive is working on this feature, it’s also unbelievable to imagine that the cloud storage solution has been lacking this functionality. This is even though Google Docs, one of its biggest rivals, has had it for years. It’s a serious drawback that’s difficult to fathom how so many users have been able to contend with. Going by Fortune statistics, OneDrive has over 250 million users, and Google Docs had over 2 billion monthly users at the end of 2019. Though it’s a huge gap, 250 million is still a huge number of people that a service that has had this drawback for a long time can attract.

What’s The Release Date Of This OneDrive Feature?

What's The Release Date Of This OneDrive Feature?

Unfortunately, we still don’t know when exactly OneDrive will unveil MS Word Document Sharing and Editing. The company hasn’t yet formally announced the rollout date of this super useful feature. That’s probably because they are still testing it internally. If you go to the official Microsoft 365 roadmap page, you’ll see that it’s still in the Review mode.

However, we predict that Microsoft will unveil it this July or October. After all, these are Microsoft’s favorite launch months for the company’s new software products. After all, Windows 10, Microsoft Excel 365, and Microsoft Outlook 2010 all came out in July. (c).

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